List of Non-Accredited Post-Secondary Schools - W

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Location (s)


Wakefield International University

St. Kitts/Nevis


Warren National University Wyoming New name for Kennedy-Western University

Washington Ameerican Governors University

Registered in Delaware


Washington International University

British Virgin Islands

Degrees not recognized.

Washington School of Theology


Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.

West Coast University


Not connected to the accredited West Coast University of California.

Westbourne University

Great Britain


Westbrook University

New Mexico, New York, California

No longer authorized to issue degrees by New Mexico.

Western States University for Professional Studies



Westgate University


Has no authorization to issue degrees.

Westhampton University

Great Britain


Westmore University


Also called Westmore College.

Weaton Reserve University

Seychelles, Kuwait, Canada

Has no provincial or national authorization to issue degrees.

Williamsburg University

New York, Saudi Arabia


William Tucker University, Inc. Seborga, Italy; District of Columbia Has no authorization to issue degrees.

Wilson State University, Inc.

Hawaii, New Jersey


Wisconsin International University

Ghana, Ukraine and other locations


Wittfield University



Worcester University Panama Has no degree granting authority.

World Information Distributed University

Russia, Belgium, Switzerland

Not a Belgium university. Has no recognized degree granting authorization.

World Pacific University Guam address; Ascension Island Registration Does not have DETC accreditation as claimed.



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