Literacy for ME: Toolkit

This collection of digital tools provides many of the resources needed to implement the plan.  The toolkit is free to all who wish to use it, and will continue to grow as needs are identified and solutions developed.

The toolkit is organized around the six components of Literacy for ME:

blue diamond
Strong leadership to coordinate and sustain the effective components of comprehensive literacy programs and partnerships;
purple diamond
System-wide commitment for wide reaching, collaborative, and ongoing partnerships among parents, caregivers, educators, and agencies to promote literacy development from birth through adulthood;
red diamond
Standards and aligned curriculum for literacy learning that are rigorous and relevant, with careful attention to implementation from birth through adulthood;
orange diamond
Explicit, systematic, and engaging instruction, combined with tiers of intervention to enable individuals to attain their highest levels of literacy;
yellow diamond
Ongoing monitoring and assessment of literacy development, and use of this information to guide instruction; and
green diamond
Ongoing professional learning to continuously improve literacy teaching.

Learn more about the Key Components of Comprehensive Literacy Planning.

The resources for each component are identified by a series of organizational criteria, in order to make it easier for users to identify relevant and useful tools that best fit their needs.  Those organizational hierarchies are:

  • Age Range
  • Section Heading
  • Object Type
  • Media Source
  • Learning Stages
  • Partner roles