Resources & Support Materials

The Maine Department of Education is committed to providing the tools and resources schools need as they administer the Maine High School Assessment (MHSA). These resources are designed to provide support to educators and students as they prepare to take the MHSA, as well as report out on the technical quality of the assessment system.

  • Data Warehouse. The Maine DOE's Data Warehouse puts data about Maine’s schools in one place where it’s easy to find and easy to understand. Results from the MHSA are used to populate the following reports within the warehouse: overall summary, participation, performance level and subgroup. This data is sortable, and comparisons can be made across schools, districts and the entire state.
  • SAT Online Course. The Official SAT Online Course features interactive lessons, auto essay scoring and much more. It’s personalized, comprehensive, easy to use and available anytime and anywhere. The Maine DOE is pleased to provide access to the SAT online course to third-year high school students in Maine public schools, free of charge. Sign-up to get interactive lessons and 10 free online tests. For technical assistance regarding the Official SAT Online Course, call 1-800-416-5137 or email
    • Case Studies (PDF). These studies describe successful implementations of the Official SAT Online Course at a broad range of schools across the country.
    • Educator Resources. A resource center for SAT practice tools and related materials.
  • Standards. Standards define what students are expected to know and be able to do at each level of education in order to, ultimately, be prepared for the rigors of college, careers and civic life. Maine law outlines a specific set of standards for each of the eight subject areas defined in State statute.
  • Released Items. Annually, the Maine DOE releases items to help educators prepare students to participate in the MHSA science test. Released items are available from the 2009 to 2012 operational assessments.
  • Student Readiness & Preparation Webinars. Information relative to Maine’s SAT initiative is provided as a resource to help educators enhance student understanding of content and to increase student levels of engagement and responsibility in their own education.
  • Technical Report (2011-12). This annual report provides information about the technical quality of the MHSA, including a description of the process used to develop, administer and score the test and to analyze the test results. Though some parts of this report may be used by educated laypersons, the intended audience is experts in psychometrics and educational research. The 2013-14 technical report will be released in early 2014.