Test Results

Annually, the Maine Department of Education releases test results to help inform schools, districts and the public about progress being made for individual schools and/or districts on attainment of the State accountability standards.

  • Data Warehouse. The Maine DOE's Data Warehouse puts data about Maine’s schools in one place where it’s easy to find and easy to understand. Results from the Maine High School Assessment (MHSA) are used to populate the following reports within the warehouse: overall summary, participation, performance level and subgroup. This data is sortable, and comparisons can be made across schools, districts and the entire state.
  • State-Level School & District Results. These sortable spreadsheets provide achievement level distributions and mean scaled scores for the MHSA tests administered to third-year high school students. To see how individual school(s) performed, see the school-level report. To see how a district performed, see the district-level report. Each report contains full state-level details at the top.

Result Interpretation Materials

  • Compare Score Scales: Traditional College Board vs. MHSA (PDF, 85KB). The relationship between the traditional College Board score scale (200-800) and the MHSA score scale (1100-1180) with associated conversion tables.
  • Statistically Significant Differences. This table shows the smallest differences in scaled scores that represent a statistically significant difference in performance based on the number of students tested in the school and/or district.
  • Understanding & Using MHSA Reporting Data. This webinar is provided to assist educators in increasing their understanding of the types of reports available, the purposes of those reports and how to read the information contained within each report. During this 60-minute webinar, educators will learn how to access Maine science assessment data for grade 11, strategies for using MHSA data to inform instruction and program analysis, and more about the influence that the Next Generation Science Standards is likely to have on science assessments of the future.