Education Evolving: Maine's Plan for Putting Learners First

The Core Priorities

Using feedback from Maine’s educators, parents, students, policymakers and Department of Education staff, along with current research and a review of promising practices being used in Maine’s schools today, the plan described in the pages that follow has been organized into the following core priority areas and subcategories, with goals, objectives and action steps for each.

Effective, Learner-Centered Instruction

  1. Rigorous standards and aligned curricula
  2. Learner-centered instructional practices
  3. Assessment systems that provide timely, accurate data on achievement and growth
  4. Information systems that track learner growth over time

Great Teachers and Leaders

  1. Common standards for teacher and leader effectiveness
  2. Initial preparation and professional development programs that are rigorous, relevant, and data-driven
  3. Next-generation evaluation systems for teachers and leaders
  4. Communities of practice designed to foster continuous improvement

Multiple Pathways for Learner Achievement

  1. Advancement based on demonstration of mastery
  2. Student voice and choice in the demonstration of learning
  3. Expanded learning options
  4. “Anytime, anywhere” learning

Comprehensive School and Community Supports

  1. Effective and efficient services for learners with special needs
  2. Coordinated health and wellness programs
  3. A commitment to community and family engagement
  4. Career and workforce partnerships

Coordinated and Effective State Support

  1. Seamless integration of educational programs from early childhood into adulthood
  2. Adequate and equitable state resources for Maine’s schools
  3. Comprehensive integration of technology
  4. A robust and transparent accountability and improvement system