Proficiency-Based Learning Resources

  • Center for Best Practice. The Maine Department of Education’s Center for Best Practice, supported by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, provides research, resources and support related to proficiency-based learning and learner-centered instruction. The Center for Best Practice is one of the action items in the Department's strategic plan, which devotes the bulk of its attention to proficiency-based learning and learner-centered instruction.
  • CompetencyWorks. This new online resource provides information and knowledge about competency education through a website, a wiki and a blog filled with practitioner knowledge and policy advancements to make it easy to find examples of materials. CompetencyWorks provides resources for new innovators and early adopters so that they can rapidly learn about past mistakes, lessons learned and different approaches to inform their work.
  • Getting to Proficiency Informational Flyers. Districts can print these two-sided flyers and cut them in half for distribution to the appropriate audiences.
  • Leadership in Action Briefings. The New England Secondary School Consortium, a state-led partnership working to promote innovative education strategies and policies in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, created Leadership in Action, a series of briefings on some of the most important educational issues affecting today’s students, high schools and communities. Each briefing includes a longer companion document, I Want To Know More, that provides a selection of information and resources for education leaders, parents and community members who want to learn more about the teaching and learning strategies taking place in today’s most innovative high schools.
  • Maine Cohort for Customized Learning. A statewide coalition of school systems, organizations and individuals committed to supporting proficiency-based education in Maine's schools.