Regional School Calendar Instructions

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Download these instructions in MS Word.


Template Instructions

Please read through all instructions before starting to complete the template.

One Excel workbook file called “201415 template” has been developed for your use in pulling together regional school calendar information.  The templates are located on tabs called “half day” and “full day”.  Please do not change anything on the “drop down” worksheet.

1. Choose one format to use for all schools in your region, either full day (one activity per day) or half day (one activity in the a.m. and one in the p.m.). Do not submit both a full-day and a half-day regional calendar.

2. In the cell next to "CTE Catchment Area", choose the CTE center/region name from the drop-down list.

3. The School Year has already been entered as 2014-15.

4. In the cell marked “CTE School”, choose the name of the CTE center/region from the drop down list.  In the cells marked "S2", "S3", etc. type the name of one of the sending schools included in this Regional School Calendar. Continue this process until all schools are listed. If additional space is required, use additional templates.

5. After collaborating with all Regional School Calendar members, fill in the columns under each school as to the activity per day. Dates are listed on the left of the template. If you use the exact terms specified in bold below, the "count" function in the Excel spreadsheet will calculate the different types of activities automatically; otherwise, you will need to count the activities manually. If you choose to use other terminology, please align your terms with the definitions below and include them with your calendar submission.

6. When saving the file, give it a new name using this format: Town1415size; example, Waterville1415fullday.

NOTE: Be sure to include all individual school calendars when you submit the Excel template file.


Definitions/Explanation of terms

Possible Activities for each day:

Instructional Day - Day in which both students and teachers are present, either in school or in another setting. Please designate each instructional day as either a CTE Block1 or a CTE Block2.

  • CTE Block1 - Days Block #1 meets. Schools refer to “block” in numerous ways. Examples: Blue Day, Yellow Day, Solid Day, Stripe Day, Block1 Day, Block2 Day, etc.
  • CTE Block2 - Days Block #2 meets. Schools refer to “block” in numerous ways. Examples: Blue Day, Yellow Day, Solid Day, Stripe Day, Block1 Day, Block2 Day, etc.
  • Late Start or Early Release – Days when classes are held for most of the day AND students arrive at school later than usual or are released earlier than usual.  The assumption is that the CTE Block stays the same.

Holiday - Days observed as holidays when classes are not in session. {Some holidays have already been marked for you.}

In-Service - Days when classes are not held. Schools refer to “In-Service” in numerous ways such as Professional Development Day, Teacher Workshop Day, In-Service Day, Workshop Day, etc.

Out of Session - Days when school has not started in the fall or has already ended in the spring.

Storm - Days built into the schedule for school cancellations.

Vacation - Days when classes are not in session during the school year.

Other Terms:

Total count of days - The total number of days listed in the left-hand “Date” column. This number is provided.

All “count” days - If you use the exact designations listed above in bold, these will calculate for you automatically.  Otherwise, you will need to count them by hand and place the totals in these spaces.

Net Days - Total number of days minus in-service vacation, holidays, out of session, and storm days. Excel will calculate this automatically.

Dissimilar Days (No CTE) - Days when at least one school is not able to send students to the host CTE school.  You will need to count these by hand and place the number for each individual school in these spaces.