Parents & Communities

Parents, community members and other stakeholders should use these resources to understand the Maine School Performance Grading System. The Maine DOE encourages you to dig deeper into A-F school report cards by exploring the Data Warehouse.

  • Overview. Why we’re doing it and how we came up with the system we did.
  • Questions & Answers. Answers to many of the questions we anticipate superintendents, parents and community members will have.
  • Making the Grade: Using data to support Maine schools. Suggestions for educators and parents on how to make best use of the report cards.
  • Methodology. This provides information about each of the data points. It does not include the scoring or how scores translate into grades. That will come in the final days before the public release. We want you to have time to digest and understand the grading system without the pressures of public release of the grades – or all of the information that would allow someone to calculate the grades.
  • Education Data Warehouse. Search for your school or district report card through the new Education Data Warehouse, which provides multi-year, detailed information about Maine schools. You may also compare a specific school to others throughout the state using a wide range of measures.