• Academic Content Area Resources. Information regarding specific academic content areas, standards and related resources.
  • Child Development Services (CDS). Provides children ages birth to five with necessary screening and support for developmental, physical and learning disabilities.
  • Maine AIM Program. Accessible instructional materials (AIM) definitions and resources for students with print disabilities. The Maine AIM program provides information on selecting, acquiring and using AIM, as well as identifying children with print disabilities.
  • Maine CITE Program. Information about assistive technology (AT) devices, services and resources for schools and families of children with disabilities. Maine CITE delivers services through both the Maine CITE Coordinating Center and numerous private and public organizations that provide information about AT, device demonstrations and loans, alternative financing, training, and public awareness.
  • Maine Comprehensive Assessment System. The MeCAS is the combination of standardized tests that inform teaching and learning, measure students' mastery of Maine's academic standards, and serve as the primary tool for holding schools accountable for student learning.
  • MaineCare. School districts may be required to offer certain medical services to students, often covered or partially covered by MaineCare.
  • Project IMPACT. Provides transitional case management services for Maine students who are reintegrating from the juvenile correctional facilities to their prior school system or moving on to further educational opportunities. The project also oversees the provision of special education services for students who are detained in the juvenile correction facilities, pending their court appearance.
  • Surrogate Parents. Children with disabilities need surrogate parents if their own parents or guardians cannot be located or identified.