District Responsibilities

Districts have certain responsibilities for students in juvenile justice systems, depending on whether a student is classified as "committed" or "detained." Please see the following descriptions and click the "read more information" links to learn your district's responsibilities for each type of youth.

Detained Youth are currently being held at Mt. View and/or Long Creek prior to initial or subsequent court appearances and disposition by the court. The youth is in the custody of the parent(s) or the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. The youth is also enrolled in his or her last school of attendance. For special education students, the “sending school” is still legally responsible for ensuring provision of a student’s Individualized Education Program.

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Committed Youth have been adjudicated through the court and indeterminately sentenced to Long Creek or Mt. View. The youth is in custody of the Maine Department of Corrections and is enrolled in Long Creek’s Arthur R. Gould School or Mt. View School.
A.R. Gould School and Mt. View School are fully responsible for developing and implementing a special education student’s IEP.

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