Project IMPACT

Project IMPACT (Interagency Model Project for Academic & Correctional Transition) is an inter-agency agreement between Maine Department of Education and Maine Department of Corrections to support academic and correctional transition for youth who have been released to their communities from Mt. View and Long Creek Youth Development Centers.

The program aims to facilitate the educational transition of youth involved in the juvenile justice system; increase the number of youth who remain in the educational system, despite disruption of their educational placement due to incarceration; and coordinate the provision of special education services for students with disabilities with their resident schools.

  • District Responsibilities. SAUs have legal educational responsibilities for students who are both committed and detained at Long Creek or Mt. View Youth Development Centers.
  • Annual Reports. Project IMPACT staff collect data on services provided to students who are both committed and detained at one of these two centers.
  • Laws. Legislation exists to support the reintegration of students from the Youth Development Centers back to their community schools.


Project IMPACT staff | Advisory Board members