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What Kind of Expenses Are Reimbursed To A Surrogate Parent?

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Mileage Allowance -

Surrogate parents are paid a mileage allowance at the current State rate for use of their personal vehicles.

Meals and Lodging -

Surrogate parents are allowed meal and lodging expenses at the current State rates.

Telephone Expenses -

Surrogate parents are allowed actual costs for telephone toll charges related to spe- cial education issues.

Out -of- State Travel -


Whenever out-of- state travel is being considered, the surrogate parent must con- tact the Department of Education, one month prior to departure, for prior approv- al and necessary reimbursement forms.

Other Expenses -

Surrogate parents are allowed actual and reasonable costs for additional expenses incurred in the execution of their duties (e.g., child care, copying, etc.) when ac- companied by receipt for expenses of over five ($5) dollars.

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A Volunteer Program for Children/Students With Disabilities

Maine Surrogate

Parent Program

What is a Surrogate Parent?


The Surrogate Parent Program was es- tablished to provide surrogate parents to children/students with disabilities when- ever the natural parents or guardian of a child/student with a disability cannot be identified, located or when the child/student is in the custody of the State. Surrogate parents have all of the rights of the natural parents for educa- tional matters, e.g., to grant permission for evaluation and placement; to release information; and to request educational meetings and hearings. The primary goal of the surrogate parent program is to ensure that all children/students with disabilities are provided with equal edu- cational opportunities.


Surrogate Parents for the Special Education Process

A surrogate parent is appointed when the natural parents or guardians cannot be located or the child/student is a ward of the State of Maine.

A surrogate parent is appointed to act in- dependently on behalf of a child/student with disabilities and to safeguard the child/student’s rights in the special educa- tion process.

Surrogate parents need to be caring indi- viduals who are able to work with Maine Special Education Regulations and able to attend IEP (Individualized Education Program) or IFSP (Individualized Family Service) Plan meetings in the child’s/student’s local school or residen- tial setting.

Surrogate Parents May Be:

Natural / Adoptive Parent Foster Parents

Relatives of the Child/Student

Individuals Recommended by the School Administrative Unit

Individuals Recommended by a State Agency

Individuals Recruited by the Department of Education’s Office of Special Services

Individuals Requested by the Child/Student

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We understand that people are going to have questions, comments and concerns about being a surrogate parent. We of- fer training and support at any time in which any is needed.