The SPDG is comprised of five goals; inputs and partners for each goal; proposed strategies for each goal; and short-tem, intermediate, and long-term goal outcomes.

  • Goal 1. The grant's first goal is to increase the percentages of highly qualified special education teachers and related services personnel employed in the state.
  • Goal 2. SPDG's second goal is to increase the percentages of SAUs that improve Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) rates for children, ages three to 20, and the progress of children with disabilities in the general curriculum.
  • Goal 3. Another aim is to increase educators’ knowledge and instructional usage of the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics for children with disabilities.
  • Goal 4. SPDG intends to increase the percentages of children, age’s birth to two, receiving timely, evidence-based early intervention services in their natural environments by qualified personnel.
  • Goal 5. The grant's final goal is to increase the percentages of SAU special education and related services personnel who can develop and implement effective, compliant transition plans and activities within timelines.