Maine State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)

Maine Department of Education received an five-year grant from the Office of Special Services (Part C and B of IDEA) for the State Personnel Development Grants Program (SPDG) in September 2011. The initial work of the grant began in October 2012 and will conclude June 2016.

  • Advisory Committee. Ensures that all individuals with disabilities or parents of individuals with disabilities ages birth through 26 are involved with the planning, implementing and evaluating the SPDG project.
  • Annual Reports. Each year Maine is required to submit to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) an Annual report about the SPDG goal activities, performance outcomes and budgetary update. The next annual report is due May 2013.
  • Goals. The SPDG is comprised of five goals; inputs and partners for each goal; proposed strategies for each goal; and short-tem, intermediate, and long-term goal outcomes. The design of the project is to ultimately improve the performance outcomes for children with disabilities.
  • Partners. The SPDG depends on partnerships to accomplish the goals outlined throughout the grant.

Project Goals

1) To increase the percentages of highly qualified special education and related services personnel employed in the state
2) To increase the percentages of School Administrative Units (SAUs) that improve least restrictive environment (LRE) rates for children ages three to 20, and the progress of children with disabilities in the general curriculum (IDEA Indicators B5, B3)
3) To increase educators’ knowledge and instructional usage of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for children with disabilities
4) To increase the percentages of children, ages birth-2, receiving timely evidence-based early intervention services in their natural environments by qualified personnel (IDEA Indicators C1, C2, C3, C7)
5) To increase the percentages of SAU special education and related services personnel who can develop and implement effective, compliant transition plans and activities within timelines (IDEA Indicators B12, B13, and C8). The project will address children ages birth to 20 with all types of disabilities throughout the state.


Proposed Products

  • SAU plans addressing targeted personnel and children’s needs
  • Statewide professional development plans, training materials and resources
  • Parent training materials and resources
  • Transition plans for children with disabilities

The project will disseminate resources on research-based practices from the OSEP-funded Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA&D) Network.


Proposed Outcomes

Maine DOE will reform and improve its personnel preparation and professional development system by addressing current and anticipated needs related to children with disabilities and qualified personnel through sustainable, collaborative partnerships and plans.

Maine will increase:

  • The numbers of highly qualified special education personnel prepared and employed, particularly for children who are blind/visually impaired and autistic
  • The knowledge and skills of educators on how to effectively use the CCSS and research-based practices with children with disabilities
  • The numbers of trained personnel who serve children in natural environments and who can plan and implement transition activities
  • The numbers of parents trained. As a result, there will be targeted improvements on IDEA Part C and B Indicators from Maine’s State Performance Plans


Project Directors

Contact Janice Breton, project director, or Debrajean Scheibel, project coordinator.