Public Special Education Program Monitoring

Program review for all SAUs involves both desk audits and site visits in accordance with the General Supervision System, which includes:

  1. Program review geared towards correcting noncompliance with indicators in the State Performance Plan (SPP).
  2. Focused monitoring activities geared toward identifying solutions and activities to enhance and improve performance.
  3. Technical assistance geared toward identifying solutions and activities to enhance and improve outcomes for children receiving special education services.
  • Program Review Projections. The General Supervision System requires statewide systematic monitoring of each SAU. We have designed a projected six-year monitoring cycle. This cycle may also be used to assist the Maine DOE in planning and delivering statewide professional development and technical assistance.
  • Monitoring Tool (DOC, 360KB). Each year, the General Supervision System on-site and desk audits for compliance monitoring include record reviews, interviews, and document reviews to identify noncompliance and assess growth toward federal and state targets for special education. The new Monitoring Tool will be used beginning in the 2013-14 school year. It is a tool used to determine the percentage of compliance for each SAU being monitored and define corrective action activities SAUs must complete when a finding of non-compliance is made.
  • 2013-14 Cohort. This is information, required materials, and activities to be completed by the 2013-14 cohort.