2012-13 Cohort Program Review Materials and Activities

Program review is a process which purposefully selects priority areas to examine for compliance. The Maine DOE examined the 2012-13 public special education program cohort for compliance in identified areas to increase and improve outcomes for identified children. The Maine DOE will use an improvement planning process to ensure correction of noncompliance that can be accomplished in a timely manner. The program review process for cohort 2012-13 includes all the materials and activities listed below.

  • Notification Letter. This letter notifies the SAU of its inclusion in this school year's General Supervision monitoring process. Monitoring activities include: on-site monitoring, review of submissions for desk audits, and review of other sources of data available from the SAU.
  • Letter of Instruction. The General Supervision System integrates on- and off-site monitoring to review each SAU for compliance with special education requirements. Notification of this monitoring process must be provided to each SAU in writing, and the process must be done systematically based on the Program Review Projections. This Letter of Instruction provides the required notice, and outlines the items to be collected and sent to the Maine DOE by the SAU when submitting evidence for review.
  • Site Visit Letter. In preparation for on-site visits, each SAU's director of special services receives information about the upcoming visit to the SAU. This letter describes the materials and staff needed for the visit, a proposed schedule for the day’s events, and the student records that will be monitored on site. SAUs receive this letter during the month prior to their on-site visit.
  • Accuracy Certification Form (RTF, 53KB). This form is required as part of its evidence of compliance during the SAU's monitoring period, certifying that all evidence is an accurate reflection of the process and paperwork in the SAU.
  • Certification of School Personnel Form (RTF, 78KB). This form is required to be submitted by each SAU identifying the personnel with current licenses/certifications and criminal history record check employed and contracted in the SAU providing services to children with disabilities.
  • Child Record Audit Form (CRAF) (RTF, 429KB). SAUs reviewed in 2012-13 are the last to use the CRAF for monitoring purposes. SAUs that received a Corrective Action Plan can continue to use the CRAF as reference for more information regarding the item needing correction. A new monitoring tool has replaced the CRAF and will be used for the 2013 -14 cohort.
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Webinars. SAUs in the 2012-13 cohort have received their Letters of Findings indicating what areas of programming are out of compliance. This webinar addresses each area assessed during the 2012-13 program review and describes the prong 1/prong 2 process of corrective actions dictated by the Office of Special Education Program’s (OSEP) memo 09-02.