Special Purpose Private School Program Monitoring

The Office of Special Services program monitoring is dedicated to improving educational results and functional outcomes for all children with disabilities. The Maine DOE continues to ensure that children placed in out-of-district placements, including Special Purpose Private Schools and hospital programs, are provided programs and services for children with disabilities as described by and required under federal law Section 616 of the 2004 Amendments to the Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The requirements for continuing program approval for Special Purpose Private Schools can be found in the Maine Unified Special Education Regulations (MUSER), Chapter 101, Section XII,1.A-E.

Program monitoring of Special Purpose Private Schools occurs on a three-year cycle, and consists of both document submission and a site visit. The program monitoring process will include the following:

  • Notification Letter. The purpose of this letter is to notify the Special Purpose Private School of its inclusion in this year's General Supervision monitoring process.
  • Site Visit Letter. This letter provides information about the upcoming on-site visit, including a proposed schedule for the day's events.
  • Letter of Instruction. This letter contains the notification of the applicable approval criteria, and the documentation to be submitted as evidence of compliance with those criteria.
  • Certification of School Personnel (RTF, 131KB). This form must be submitted as part of its evidence of compliance with the approval criteria.
  • Related Services Grid (RTF, 25KB). This is a model form that can be used to document the ‘adequacy of supportive services’ approval element.
  • Student Record Review (PDF, 159KB). This form helps the Special Purpose Private School review student files to report whether those files contain all necessary records.
  • Projected Monitoring Cycle. The Department has designed a projected three-year monitoring cycle for Special Purpose Private Schools. This cycle may also be used to assist the Department in planning and delivering statewide professional development and technical assistance.
  • SPPS 2014-15 Monitoring Webinar. This webinar provides a detail overview of the monitoring process.
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Any Special Purpose Private School that does not meet compliance with the approval criteria will be required to develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) within 45 days and correct all areas of deficiency within a one-year period.