Required State Forms

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Does the DOE header have to remain on the forms?
Yes, it does.

For those districts that have purchased a special education data system (CASE-E / Sped net), how will/can these forms be adapted to the system in place (format but not content)?
Please ask the company with whom the SAU does business, and the company will need to adapt the software accordingly.

May the forms be filled out online or printed out and filled in by hand?

May we retype the forms as long as everything is included?
No, SAU's must use the required state forms.

On the EF-S-05 we are to check off which of the 14 services will be needed after graduation. Since this information is no longer included on the IEP how will we accurately document the need on the EF-S-05?
This has never been part of the IEP. Please see the answer to the question in the "Data Collection" section.

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