Required State Forms - Documentation of Agreement of Non-Attendance

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When a student is receiving a service (e.g., physical therapy) that is not going to be discussed, for example at an interim meeting, and that provider is not expected to have any input, does the SAU still need to use this form?

The required members of the IEP Team include one regular education teacher (if the student is or may be participating in regular education, one special education teacher (or, where appropriate, one special education provider)), a school administrator and an individual who can interpret evaluation results. Therefore, as long as there is one special education teacher/provider present, you would not need to use this form for the physical therapy provider. If that provider would otherwise be the only special education provider or teacher present, then, yes, you would need to use this form.

Is this form used when the child is receiving outside services (e.g., case management from CDS, etc.)?

Assuming the person in question is one of the required team members, then this form would be used regardless of whether the team member is an outside provider. The form would apply to a case manager as that person is always a required team member at an IFSP Team meeting, but not to a case manager in the IEP Team meeting.

Is this form used when the service being provided does not affect the student’s educational performance?

Again, assuming the service provider is one of the required team members (i.e., there is not another special education teacher/provider in attendance), then this form would be used if the service being provided is not being discussed and will not otherwise be impacted by what is being discussed.
(Added November 2012)


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