Required State Forms - Summary of Performance

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In the case of students being tuitioned to public high school, who is responsible for the summary or performance?
The sending district is responsible for the SOP, but be sure the person who completes the summary knows the child and can provide complete information for the summary.

When do you do the Summary of Performance? Does it need to be completed at an IEP Team meeting?
No, it does not need to be completed at an IEP meeting. it must be given to the student who is aging out and/or graduating with a regular education diploma. Please see Question 1 on this page.

With the summary of performance (SOP), who is responsible for the follow-up of the recommendations?
The SAU is not responsible for the follow-up activities described in the SOP. MUSER Section V.3.F(2)(b) states:

Summary of performance—For a child whose eligibility under this part terminates under circumstances described in clause (a), a local educational agency shall provide the child with a summary of the child’s academic achievement and functional performance, which shall include recommendations on how to assist the child in meeting the child’s post-secondary goals.

The federal regulations are silent on responsibility for implementing any recommendations in the SOP.

Is there a form similar to the Summary of Performance for when a student drops out?
The SOP is for the student who ages out of special education services or earns a regular education diploma, whichever occurs first. There is not a State-required special education form for students who drop out of school.


Can the summary of performance be mailed following graduation? What is the timeline?

The law states that the Summary of Performance is required when a child either ages out or graduates with a regular high school diploma. A reasonable period would be around the actual graduation date or date of aging out. The purpose of this document is to assist the child in reaching his/her post-secondary goals. Since the child needs the document for his/her next steps following graduation or aging out, it is important to provide the summary to the child a reasonable amount of time before the child leaves school due to graduation or aging out, so the child understands its purpose and has the opportunity to ask questions about it. (April 2013)


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