Targeted Technical Assistance & Professional Development

Targeted technical assistance and professional development enable states to direct and impact the quality of the effective implementation of policies and procedures.

Technical assistance, as part of an effective system of general supervision, must be directly linked to the SPP indicators and to the improvement activities. States provide a range of assistance to improve performance from minimal assistance to substantial interventions. Technical assistance and capacity-building activities can be implemented at varying levels and through multiple means such as websites, documents, coaching, mentoring, trainer of trainers, local, regional and/or statewide meetings and conferences, direct training from state personnel or from other resources. 

  • Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDF, 954KB). This study investigates the interventions currently available for Autism Spectrum Disorder, brought to you by the Maine DOE and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Listen & Learn Series. This biweekly webinar series is intended to offer professional development and technical assistance for special education directors in the field.
  • Maine State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG). The federally funded SPDG is designed to assist districts in Maine in reforming and improving their personnel preparation and professional development systems that will result in improved long-term and effective educational results for children with disabilities.
  • MaineCare. School districts may be required to offer certain medical services to students, often covered or partially covered by MaineCare.
  • Personalized Alternate Assessment Portfolio (PAAP). The PAAP is the alternate to Maine's required assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  • Resource Kit. Please check back for the resource kit in the coming months.
  • Webinars. These webinars are intended for a more specific audience than the Listen & Learn series (e.g. Excess Cost and Maintenance of Effort).