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Application Guidelines

The Subgrant Application requires an organized layout regarding your goals, objectives, activities, time line expectation, and allocation of funds, along with other financial information. Listed below are the different sections of the application which will require outlined information.

The Problem/Issue

Describe the problem or issue that caused you to submit this application. Be as specific as you can. State how often the problem occurs and use supporting data if available. When completed, check to see if you have answered the following:

  1. Is there a clear, concise statement of the problem?
  2. Did you provide some discussion of how you know the problem exists?
  3. Did you provide supporting data to show the magnitude of the problem or a statement why data is not provided?
  4. Did you state the "target group" that has the problem and that you hope to impact?

Goals and Objectives

Describe what you hope to do about the problem outlined in Problem/Issue. List overall program goal and the measurable objectives you will set to attain the goal.

Activities to Accomplish Objectives

For each objective outlined in Goals/Objectives, list the activities you will do to accomplish the objective. There must be at least one activity for each objective.

Time Line

For each of the activities listed on the previous page, complete an estimated time line showing who will accomplish the activity and in which month(s) the activities will occur. Form will be provided in Application.


How will you determine if your project had an impact on the target group? How do you propose to measure the status of the problem after project activities are completed? Refer to your problem description. Specifically, what changed?

Financial Information - Instructions

You will be asked to provide as much information as possible about how you will spend grant funds. There are some general prohibitions to the mini-grant program which include: grant funds can not be used for personal services, (salaries and benefits), advertising (purchasing air time) or capital equipment.

A minimum 25% match is required in this program (calculated as 25% of the total project cost - if you are asking for $1,000.00, your match is not $250.00. Your total project is $1,000.00 divided by .75 = $1,333.34 and your match is $333.34). The match can be a cash match (money you have for the project) or it can be "in-kind". In-kind match is current expenses which your agency already has (personal services, telephone, copying, etc.) which will be a part of the activities outlined in the narrative section of the application. Applicants may provide more than the minimum match if they wish. All of the match and project costs must be generated and documented within the project period.


Provide as much information about your proposed budget as possible. Set out planned expenditures by categories and fund sources shown below for the entire project. Each category must be supported by appropriate detail. Form will be provided in Application.

Budget Justification

Describe how you will spend the money and how you made the calculation to arrive at the dollar amount. This must be done for each budget item requested.

Subgrant Applications

Subgrant Applications can be obtained from our website or by contacting the Bureau of Highway Safety at:

Bureau of Highway Safety
164 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0164

Telephone: 626-3840
FAX #: 287-3430