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63rd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week One

The 63RD Recruit Training Troop reported for duty early Monday morning, and hit the ground running. Upon arrival, we all quickly realized there was going to be no easing into training. We were faced with many challenges, both physical and mental, that required quick thinking. Under pressure our Troop realized how it is crucial for us to come together as a whole. It was made very clear to the Troop that organizational skills and time management were paramount, as failure to fulfill duties and tasks was not an acceptable option. The Troop quickly bonded in a time of need, and each Recruit began keeping their fellow Recruit in mind at all times. The bond formed between the Troop proved to be essential to our mission, as the Troop was tested the entire week. The tests came in many forms; the Troop was required to fully function on very little sleep, under intense stress, and with strict time constraints to adhere to. Each Recruit felt fatigued in many ways; physically exhausted, mentally strained, and stressed beyond levels we have ever felt before.

During the week, we were learned through various means. We were instructed in the classroom on topics such as Maine State Police history, report writing, courtroom testimony, records management, CPR and First Aid, and the internal affairs process. Out of the classroom, we were immersed in an active training environment. We were conditioned to the stressful environment, and learned how to adapt. We were exposed to high-stress scenarios, where decisive decision making and justification were crucial. Scenarios were not simply scripted; they were fluid, difficult, and often included force-on-force training. Our bodies were shocked by the incredibly demanding CrossFit workouts; as if a workout titled "Cement Mixer" sounded like it wouldn't be too difficult. We were pushed to physical exhaustion, drenched with sweat, but always yearned for more. We know the more we desire from our training, both mentally and physically, the better prepared we will be to take on the daily challenges of being a Maine State Trooper.

As the week progressed, personal limits that individual Recruits had previously put on themselves, were quickly realized to be far below their potential capacities. The Troop began to understand what Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman speaks of in his book On Combat. Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman speaks of a warrior mindset. This warrior mindset includes the drive to never give up, perform with an even keel under stress, and maintain focus. With a warrior mindset and motivation to succeed, challenges and tasks that once seemed to be difficult were accomplished using determination and teamwork. The Troop recognized how important a warrior mindset is, and how it must occupy our minds at all times in order to perform their duties to the best of our abilities. Whether it was learning during instruction, making short time hacks, or breaking through a challenging CrossFit workout, the desire to win is a force that ensures survival. The warrior mindset and determination to win does not just apply to the training; our Troop knows we must maintain this mindset throughout our law enforcement careers to protect the public and themselves.

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