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63rd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Two

Week two for the 63rd Recruit Training Troop began at 0630 Monday morning. From the start of the week, the Troop had to be more self-sufficient. Knowing what was required of us, we had to take initiative, use planning, and work together to accomplish all required duties. We had set the pace in week one, and it was up to us to continue progressing forward.

The Troop hit the classroom hard, with important topics such as domestic violence, criminal law and Incident Command System. The Troop learned how prevalent domestic violence is, and how critical a Trooper's response can be for the safety of citizens. The Troop got a chance to test their knowledge; with the use of a complex scenario, we applied what we knew of the law to make a decisive action and affect an arrest. The Troop received two days of instruction on the Incident Command System. With the help of the best instructors, we were taught the necessary skills in order to effectively manage various situations from car accidents, to natural disasters. We learned that as Troopers, there are many situations where the public will look to us to take charge and lead; therefore, it is important we understood how to implement the Incident Command System. The Troop also received more defensive tactics training, as repetition of the techniques is the only way we can expect ourselves to improve. We were also taught the proper deployment and use of our expandable batons, and had an in-depth discussion about use of force options.

The Troop had a surprise visit by Trooper Barton, a graduate of the 62nd Recruit Training Troop. Trooper Barton took time out of his especially busy schedule to talk to us about the new life of being a Trooper. Trooper Barton told us about some of his daily duties, reports, his patrol area, the Trooper way of life and some stories that he had to share. We were shown a video of a domestic violence incident Trooper Barton responded to, and had the opportunity to talk about other cases Troopers have responded to. This visit was encouraging, and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to talk to a recent graduate of the 62nd R.T.T.

The week finished with one of the best team building exercises we have yet to be involved in. Our task was demanding physically and mentally. In order to complete our mission, we had to work together as a Troop, trusting in our leader to give us directions, and giving all the effort we had. We had certain restrictions placed on us; the biggest was that only the Troop leader could communicate. At first it seemed as if completing the task would be difficult, but with good direction and maximum effort, the task became manageable. Deep down we knew we were capable of achieving our goal, and six worked as if we were thirty-six to far exceed expectations. When we finished, we were amazed at our progress. It was made very clear to us that we aren't just any group of men… we are a Troop.

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