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63rd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Three

Our week started with a motivational address by Major Wright. The Major stressed the importance of our training program, and how this week's instruction will prove to be incredibly valuable. Major Wright explained to us that our week would be filled with instruction on crime scene investigation, evidence collection and processing, death investigations, death notifications, and affidavits and search warrants. He stressed to us that attaining a mastery of these skills is critical to the mission of the Maine State Police. As Troopers, we will not just be responsible for running traffic and responding to calls. We will be responsible for investigations as well; the apprehension of criminals rests on meticulous investigatory work, sound documentation, and solid casework. After being inspired by the Major, we were ready to take on the week.

Our week was filled with in-depth classroom presentations, and multiple complex scenarios. We were taught specific scene investigation skills such as fingerprinting, evidence swabbing, DNA collection, proper photographing, and then required to demonstrate proficiency in difficult scenarios. We were put to the test, and required to document crime scenes, collect and process evidence, then compile detailed reports. We were presented in great detail, information about affidavits, search warrants, and how to effectively establish probable cause via the use of such documents. We then had to write many of them, in order to lock in proficiency, as these documents will be critical in the pursuit of justice.

One of the most proud moments we've had to date, was being fitted for our class C uniforms. We donned our class C's, and lined up for inspection. We were told to look at ourselves in the mirror, and ponder what we saw. We weren't wearing badges, and with that it was clear we have yet to earn the honor to wear the uniform. We took a long hard look at the photographs hanging on the wall, of the Troopers who have come before us, and started to see in ourselves, some of the pride captured in their photographs. We started to focus inside on the destination we are all here to achieve. That destination is not just the title of Trooper in five more weeks; it's a lifetime of honorable service to the great state of Maine.

This train is moving forward, gaining more and more momentum with every breath, every drop of sweat, and every waking moment.

Week 3 Photo Gallery