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Troop E


198 Maine Ave, Bangor, ME 04401. Phone 973-3700 Fax 941-8530

Commanding officer - Lt. Sean Hashey

Troop E is responsible for Penobscot and Piscataquis counties and for patrolling the 107 miles of Interstate 95 from Newport to Sherman. The troop consists of a lieutenant, three sergeants, 24 troopers (which includes 3 troop investigators) and a secretary. Also working out of the Orono barracks, are 11 emergency communication specialists, a mechanic and a radio technician. The troop has operated out of the barracks in Orono since 1950. The building was renovated and expanded in 1994.

In November of 2013, Troop E relocated to the facility they now occupy at the Bangor International Airport 198 Maine Ave in Bangor. Also located in the facilty is the Major Crimes Unit North and Computer Crimes. The DPS RCC/PSAP will also relocate to this facility in the near future. This move allowed Troop E to move from a 3,300 square foot facility to an 8,300 square foot facility that includes a training/meeting room area that can seat thirty six. In addition a 4,000 square foot facility is currently being renovated to house a DPS fleet maintenance operation as well as evidence processing and storage.

Many Troop E Troopers maintain specialties as part of their assignment with the Maine State Police. Out of the 24 troopers in the troop 1 is an instructor in radar, 1 is a member of the evidence response team, 2 are K-9 handlers (1 patrol/drug, and 1patrol/tactical), 3 are instructors in emergency vehicle operations, 2 are on the tactical team, 3 are members of the underwater recovery unit (1 of those is the unit commander), 2 are firearms instructors, 1 is a member of the bomb squad, 1 is a crash reconstructionist 1 is a lead criminal justice academy defensive tactics instructor and 1 is a forensic mapper. In addition 4 troopers are members of the armed forces either with the Army or Air National Guard or Army Reserves. One Troop E sergeant, a Lt. Colonel with the Army Reserves, was activated to military service serving a year in Iraq.

Troop E maintains an excellent long-standing cooperative resource coordination agreement with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department. Within that relationship, Troop E troopers work daily with deputies. Penobscot County is divided into 6 rural patrol zones staffed by troopers and deputies, and two interstate zones. The southern interstate zone includes I-395. The interstate zones are always staffed by troopers. Troop E coordinates investigations and training with the Penobscot County Deputies. In August of 2005 Troop E and Penobscot Deputies trained jointly in crowd control at the University of Maine at Orono.

Troop E troopers are relied upon heavily by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, over recent years supplying two sergeants and 1 trooper as part of the training staff on the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. In addition Troop E supplies many man-hours of training to support the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and other law enforcement agencies.

The Maine State Police is actively seeking qualified people to join our team as Maine State Troopers. If you think you have in interest in a career as a Maine State Trooper please contact Tr. Stephen Morrell or Tr. Tucker Bonnevie by clicking on their name or by calling 1-800-432-7381 or 207-973-3700. Also check out our recruitment area on this website (Click Here.)

Troop E

6-25 1246 hrs: Tr. Hashey arrested 23 year old Jessica Johnston after she assaulted her live-in boyfriend.

6-28 1942 hrs: Out of a response to a domestic dispute, Tr. Franklin arrested 46 year old Elizabeth Ireland for DV assault on her husband in Levant.

6-25 1040 hrs: Tr. Anderson responded to a domestic dispute that involved a violation of conditions of release in which 45 year old Mary Michaud had been arrested by Tr. Fiske for DV assault. She then returned to the residence in violation of bail conditions and took items.

6-25 1136 hrs: Tr. Hashey investigated a domestic dispute that originally came in as a residential burglary. Investigation revealed the male involved had returned to the residence he shared w/the female until their recent break-up. He had returned to get his belongings when she was not there.

6-27 1016 hrs: Tr. Vittum responded to 3 different calls for service in Clifton that came in back to back involving people that are opposed to the proposed windmill farm in Clifton. One was a selectperson who saw on Facebook that a question was asked how to remove a selectperson from the board and someone answered “Remington” there was no direct threat to this selectperson. The next was from a complainant that found a sign on a stake driven into the ground next to her mailbox and the sign was encouraging people to vote yes on the question of windmills. This complainant stated this she was the only person on the road that had been targeted for a sign. The third was from a complainant that also had a sign left on his plant stand during the night, encouraging a yes vote on the windmill question.

6-25 1616 hrs: Out of a motor vehicle stop on I-395 in Bangor Tr. Dube charged 39 year old Bert Babin w/Class C OAS.

6-27 1907 hrs: Tr. Bonnevie arrested 26 year old Joshua McDowell on a warrant out of Bangor Court.

6-28 0624 hrs: Out of response to a domestic dispute between mother and son in Milford, Tr. Hashey arrested 27 year old Brandon Raines on a warrant out of Ellsworth District Court.

6-29 2138 hrs: Out of a response to a domestic dispute between roommates in Corinth Tr. Bean arrested 45 year old Stephanie Sawyer on 2 warrants from Bangor Court charging failure to appear and theft.

6-28 1319 hrs: Tr. Pierson is investigating drugs found in the ditch in a bank bag in Levant.

Troop E

7-1 0809 hrs: Tr. Coolen is investigating the burglary to an unoccupied residence in Etna. The residence was last checked in February.

7-30 0947 hrs: Sgt. Hashey is investigating the burglary to an unoccupied residence that’s under foreclosure in Newburgh.

7-5 1519 hrs: Tr. Simpson is investigating a domestic assault in which the female involved stated that she stopped by her ex-boyfriends camp to talk to him for “closure” and he told her to leave and pushed her off the camp porch. The male claims that she showed up at the camp where he now lives w/his new girlfriend. He states he broke up w/the complainant over a year ago, and she arrived unexpectedly and felt she was under the influence of something. She sideswiped a rental vehicle in the driveway, tore the porch off the camp, broke some dishes, and destroyed his gas grill.

7-1 2218 hrs: Tr.s Vittum, Hashey and Pierson along w/Sgt’s Hashey and Millett responded to Alton for a well being check on male subject in which a neighbor found him unconscious with a gun under him. An ambulance was also dispatched and upon the troopers arrival, they could hear someone moving around inside the residence but the subject wouldn’t some to the door. When he finally did answer the door he would open it a small amount and would not show the troopers his hands as he stated he had a gun in his hand. They eventually talked him into coming out without the gun. He was transported to Sty. Joseph’s Hospital.

7-4 1710 hrs: Tr. Simpson responded to Carmel for a well being check and preliminary investigation into an allegation from a female that her husband has been sexually abusing his mother who is in her 70’s and has dementia.

7-6 0535 hrs: Tr.s Bonnevie and Dube responded to Mattawamkeag for a report of a male that subject that was threatening suicide by jumping off a cliff. Investigation revealed he was not suicidal, but had slipped on a rock while down by the water and hurt his back. He was in bed when troopers arrived..