Intergovernmental Review Submission

The IGR process in Maine:

  • Application information shall be submitted electronically using this form.
  • This information is made publically available through:
    • The bi-weekly review bulletin
    • An interested parties email list
      • The mailing list includes various state and federal agencies, members of the press, members of the public, and the following Tribal Environmental Issues Offices:
        • Maliseet Indian Nation - Houlton, ME
        • Mic Mac Indian Nation - Presque Isle, ME
        • Passamaquoddy Indian Township - Princeton, ME
        • Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point - Perry, ME
        • Penobscot Nation - Indian Island, ME
      • It is the responsibility of the reviewing agency or individual to maintain/update IGR list serve subscription information, accessible through the link above.
    • The online directory of current IGR applicants
  • Reviewers of the IGR information are provided a window of time, specified in the review bulletin, during which written comments concerning the application can be sent directly to the applicant (not to OPM).
    • (Substantive and/or negative comments may require a conference among the applicant, the respondent, and a staff person from the Office of Policy and Management to resolve major points of conflict/disagreements found in the proposed project.)
  • At the end of the review period specified in the bulletin, applicants shall forward to OPM for clearinghouse record keeping any comments/questions resulting from the IGR process.
  • Letters confirming the end of the review period will be available as PDF documents in the online directory of IGR applicants.

Please note, Office of Policy and Management does not provide comments on all projects submitted for intergovernmental review. Any interested party wishing to comment will contact the applicant directly, and the applicant is responsible for forwarding these comments to Office of Policy and Management.

This application date is: 2014-04-24

Applicant (organization name)

Contact (to receive any questions/comments resulting from IGR)
First name
Last name
Mailing address
State abbr.
Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Optional: 2nd contact to be included in email correpondence.
E-mail address
Project information:
Amount federal funds requested $ (no commas, please)
Federal funding agency
CFDA number ( (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Program Number)
Project location (area of effect)
Descriptive title (limit 90 characters)
Select the review period. (45 days for large-scale/public works construction, else 21 days)

You will receive an email confirming the reciept of this information and the date for the end of the review period.
You can contact the OPM IGR coordinator after the review period if you require a confirmation letter.