Mission and Goals

The mission of the Governors Office of Policy and Management is to improve the performance of state government. OPM will help the Governor achieve long-term state economic goals by:

  • preparing long-range economic projections
  • offering improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of government by analyzing the structure and functions of State Government
  • delivering policy recommendations to improve financial management;
  • assisting in developing economic goals by conducting studies and continuing economic analyses of the state economy
  • advising the Governor, at his request, on the risks, costs, benefits, and effects on job creation and job retention of proposed legislation
  • supporting efforts to receive federal funds by facilitating intragovernmental and intergovernmental coordination

To meet this mission, OPM will work to achieve three goals:

  • Efficient Government
    • Optimize government efficiency through innovation and collaboration.
    • Prioritize services and improve equity across state government.
  • Effective Government
    • Strengthen financial and fiscal management to better fund vital services.
    • Improve accountability, transparency and accessibility.
  • Economic Growth
    • Improve public access to vital economic and demographic data and analysis.
    • Enhance economic impact analysis of state government.