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Maine State Individualized Education Program (IEP) Form

Access the IEP Form

Maine's IEP form is provided in a variety of formats that allow the form to be downloaded and saved to your computer. The form is designed for the ongoing process of developing a student's IEP. Once saved to your computer or storage drive, the form can be filled-in and saved for data or printed. Any populated field can be corrected.

Note: All sections must be completed. No changes may be made to this document.

Guidance: Additional guidance material is provided to assist in completing the IEP form. Links to this information has been embedded in the form itself: simply click on a section heading to be linked to information relative to that part of the form. (Internet connection is required for this feature.) The complete listing of guidance items can also be found at

Additional Information: Due to programming limitations, text fields on this form are not expandable. However, because some items might require more information that is allowable in the corresponding text field, there are three pages located at the end of the form specifically set up for additional material. When utilizing these pages, users should note in the primary text field that additional information is included on page… Any information entered into the "additional info" fields should note the form section and, if applicable, item number/letter that is being referenced.

Additional Goals: Maine's IEP form is designed to accommodate six goals/objectives. For those students whose plans require additional goals/objectives, use the Additional Goals form as an add-on to the primary IEP document. Click here to access the Additional Goals form. (PDF E-Form)


If you have questions about use of the IEP PDF E-form, please first contact your SAU's technology expert.  If you are unable to resolve the problems at the SAU level, please contact Susan J. Parks at or 624-6646.


Maine's IEP form is in PDF format. In order to use this form, you will need the Adobe Reader (version 8 or later) installed on your computer. If you do not currently have this software on your computer, or would like to upgrade to a more recent version, click on the icon below for a free download of the Adobe Reader. This is a safe and quick upgrade directly from Adobe.

Acrobat Reader

Mac users: PDF forms generally open in a Preview window. The e-form should be fully accessible and functional using this feature.