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Task Force On Gender Equity In Education


Research: Boys to Men (Education Week)

Where the Boys Are (Education Week)

The War Against Boys (The Atlantic Online)

Give Same Sex Schooling a Chance
(Education Week)

Where the Girls Are (Education Week)

Behind the 'Mask of Masculinity' (Education Week)

For Better or Worse, Girls Catching Up to Boys (Education Week)

Federal Study Finds Gains in Gender Equity (Education Week)

The Silent Gender Gap (Education Week)

Science, Math and Girls (Education Week)

Entering Kindergarten: Findings From the Condition of Education 2000

The High School Transcript Study: A Decade of Change in Curricula and Achievement, 1990-2000 (NCES)

NAEP High School Transcript Studies (NCES)

Gender Gap Among Undergraduates Could Stem From Wage Premium for Women, Scholar Finds (The Chronicle)

Where the Boys Are (Michael Kimmel Speech)

From the Prison Track to the College Track (Jobs for the Future)

Girl Chimps Learn Faster Than Boys (Nature)

Single-Sex Education (American Association of University Women - AAUW)

What's the Evidence? What Have Researchers Found When They Compare Single-Sex Education with Coeducation? (National Association for Single Sex Public Education - NASSPE)

Segregation or Salvation (The Christian Science Monitor)

Commission on the Growth and Support of Graduate Education ( University of California , September 2001)

Report of the Commission on the Growth and Support of Graduate Education (UC: Sept 2001)

Choosing An Adolescent Program Isn't as Easy as ABC (Alliance for Excellent Education)

Educators Cite Myriad Reasons Boys are Behind (Bangor Daily News)

Panel to Study why Boys Lagging in School (Bangor Daily News)

What About the Boys?(Women's Educational Equity Act Digest)

Funding Opportunities

Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Wellsley Centers for Women

Educators cite myriad reasons boys are behind

The Ms. Foundation for Women website has publications: The Collaborative Fund for Youth-Led Social Change (CFYS) has two publications about youth-led social change:  The power & possibilities:  Youth-led social change and  The new girls’ movement:  New assessment tools for youth programs. 

The Institute for Community Research has two curricula available for purchase: Empowering voices:  A participatory action research curriculum for girls

Participatory action research curriculum for empowering youth Go to their website for more information and an order form. The John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities has a free publication called A Handbook for Supporting Youth Researchers that is available at their website.

The Innovation Center for Community & Youth Development has a facilitators handbook titled Building community:  A tool kit for youth and adults in charting assets and creating change available for purchase.

Youth In Focus has a publication Youth REP step by step:  An introduction to youth-led research and evaluation available for purchase on their website or call 530-758-3688.

The Florida Prevention Research Center at the University of South Florida has developed a curriculum for training youth to be researchers titled Youth Research Training Manual developed by. Available for free from their website.

The United Kingdom has resources on both citizenship and gender equity in education. Under "C" you'll find "Citizenship"; use the "Search" tool for resources related to "Gender Equity".

Trends in Educational Equity for Girls and Women: 2004 (NCES)

"Males' Learning Needs Ignored?" The Arizona Republic, 11/01/04

Trends in Educational Equity of Girls & Women: 2004 - NCES Electronic Catalog

When it comes to school, girls rule (Indystar article)

Boy "Tribes" on Frontier in Reading - (Washington Post Article)

Hope and Faith (Education Week article)