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Task Force On Gender Equity In Education



Patrick Phillips, DOE

Susan Corrente, DOE [facilitator]

Walt Harris, UMO

Mary Madden, UMO

Lisa Plimpton, Mitchell Institute

Duke Albanese, Mitchell Institute and UMO

Carla Ritchie, National Center for Student Aspirations (NCSA)

Sharon Wilson-Barker, NCSA

Rich Kent, UMO

Lyn Brown, Colby

Harry Osgood, DOE

Michael Montagna, State Planning Office

Aileen Fortune, USM Cooperative Extension

Kathryn Danylik, Vista Volunteer, DOE


First Lady Karen Baldacci, Honorary Chair

Susan Gendron, Commissioner, DOE

Elizabeth Allan, UMO

Wendy Ault, MELMAC

Denise Lord, Department of Corrections/Juvenile Justice (DOC/ JJAG)

Bobbie Niehaus, Principal (The Gould School, Longcreek Developmental Center)

Rob Pfeiffer, Gould Academy, Counselor in Hope/Appleton

Phyllis Brazee, UMO

Robert Cobb, UMO

Susan Stedt, SAD # 27-Fort Kent

John Fitzsimmons, Community College System

Elizabeth Fisher, Lewiston Regional Technical Center

Rebecca Sockbeson (representing Barry Dana), Penobscot Nation

Mitchell Scholars (college - 1 male, 1 female)

Emma Carlson (Mitchell Scholar)

NCSA Students (high school - 1 male, 1 female)

Joyce McPhetres, State Board of Education - MBNA

Charlie Harrington, Washington County - Sea Coast Mission

Henry Kennedy, Kieve

Jeanne Whynot-Vickers, Assistant Superintendent, Portland Public Schools

Richard Robles, The Heritage Farm

Diana Doiron, DOE

Katie Bauer (Milken Recipient), Camden-Rockport Middle School

Pender Kimball, The REAL School, Windham

Joan McDonald, Girl Scouts, Kennebec Council

Shelley Reed, DOE

Heather Linnell, Student (Deering High School)


Phil Pratt, UMO
John Kennedy, DOE
David Silvernail, USM-CEPARE
Maine Upward Bound
Tom Newkirk, UNH


David Sadker
Jeff Wilhelm
William Pollack
Michael Kimmel (coming to Maine in Fall, 2004)