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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

The purpose of the program is to increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption in elementary schools.  The level of funds provided to any one school depends on the demographics of schools that are selected to participate in the program.  Federal guidelines allow funding based on a range of $50 to $75. 

FFVP Awarded Schools SY 2015

FFVP End of Year Report SY 2014


FFVP Pilot Project Application

In order to participate all applications are due Thursday, June 12, 2014. We will accept scanned copy or fax.



Selection Criteria. Schools will be selected by the State agency, were based on guidance in this memorandum and oversight by USDA.  Section 19 of the National School Lunch Acts states the selection criteria for schools to participate in this program: 

  • To the maximum extent practicable, the majority of schools selected are those in which 50% or more of students are eligible for free or reduced price meals;
  • Participate in the National School lunch Program;
  • Only elementary schools may participate which eliminates high school applications;
  • Highest priority is given to schools with the highest per cent of low income students;
  • School that are applying must provide a certification of support signed by the school food manager, the school principal and the district superintendent or equivalent positions as determined by the school. 

Additionally, Maine schools with more than 3 late or incomplete reports will not be chosen to participate in the FFVP in the prior school year.  The major reason for incomplete reports is the lack of financial information.

Reporting Income and expenses. The chart of accounts income account number is 4559 and expenses are recorded as a la carte accounts.


  • How much is the FFVP grant for? The total 2014-2015 school year grant is $2,022,150 for Maine to disburse to the schools.  The amount a school will receives is based on School enrollment as stated on the application. This year the grant was awarded to 170 schools at an average of $50.00 per student.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program Schools

LEA Name School Name
Athens Public Schools  Athens Elementary School 
Caswell School Department Dawn F Barnes Elementary School
Cherryfield School Department Cherryfield Elementary 
Jonesboro School Department Jonesboro Elementary School
Lewiston Public Schools  Montello School
Lewiston Public Schools  Governor James B. Longley Elementary School
Machias School Department Rose M. Gaffney School
Milford School Department Dr. Lewis S. Libby School
RSU 20 East Belfast School
RSU 20 Kermit S. Nickerson School 
RSU 22 Leroy H Smith School
RSU 50 Katahdin Elementary School
RSU 50 Southern Aroostook CSD School
RSU 55 South Hiram Elementary School
RSU 6 H B Emery Jr Memorial School
RSU 61 Stevens Brook School
RSU 74 Carrabec Community School
RSU 80 Piscataquis Community Elementary School 


USDA FFVP Resources:

Other Useful Information

FFVP Brochure.(pdf) Can be used for open houses, parent-teacher conferences, wellness fairs, etc. throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Stambach at 624-6732 or Gail Lombardi at 624-6876.   We hope that you will consider taking part in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program as another way to help your students develop lifelong healthful eating habits.