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Regional Training for the new computer system and other topics. Attendance is free and you can attend any one and as many as you want. We need registration to make sure we have enough room for everyone.

Infinite Campus, State Reporting & School Nutrition Training
The Maine Department of Education is planning on holding regional training sessions. The MEDMS Helpdesk Team is partnering with the Department’s School Nutrition Team to provide joint training sessions.
The topics being covered from the MEDMS Helpdesk Team will be:

  • New FRAM Upload process beginning in the 2014/15 school year
  • New enrollment Start Status and Exit Status codes beginning in the 2014/15 school year
  • December 1 Special education counts moving to October 1 – what does this mean for you. Also, special education exit code changes.
  • New Truancy module changes beginning with the 2014/15 school year.
  • Common enrollment issues that the MEDMS Helpdesk Team encounters.
  • Question & Answers related to Student enrollments in general.

The topics being covered for School Nutrition will be:

  • New ID and password procedure
  • The new annual ordering process for USDA Food
  • The new beginning of year paperwork completion and upload
  • Reimbursement system claim and school detail improvements


Region #





August 5 Learning Center Caribou RSU 39




August 19th Lincoln Mattanawcook Academy




August 20th Narraguagus High School RSU 37, Harrington




August 21st Hancock School




August 25 Troy Howard School Belfast RSU 20




August 26th  Lake Region Vocational Center Bridgeton


August 12th Mt Ararat Middle School 66 Republic Ave, Topsham





August 22nd Riverton School, Portland




August 22nd Waterville




August 27th  Shapleigh School Kittery



Most training sessions will run from 8:00 AM to Noon.  There may be additional training opportunities in the afternoon for food service.
Seating is limited so it is important you sign up. Wireless access will be available to those users who have and / or want to bring a laptop however it is not required.
This session will be geared to those staff members that create new and modify enrollments and those that report on the data from these enrollments. Both Infinite Campus District Edition users and non-Infinite Campus system users are encouraged to attend.  School Nutrition focus will be on: yearly forms submitted to DOE, filing reimbursement, and USDA food ordering. 
To register, please email the following information to
Full Name:
School Administrative Unit:
Date Attending:
Location Attending:

Please indicate you are with food service.


To Request an ID and Password for NEO if not attending or prior to attending workshop

please email the following information to
Full Name:

Food Service permissions

School Administrative Unit:

School Name (if applicable)

Food service function/duties:

Legal Agent


Food Service District director or district preparer (this level includes school detail automatically)


school detail prepare (school Name needed)


order USDA Food (delivery School Name needed)





More Training opportunities

Review Training in Augusta State Office Building September 10th 2014.


Verification Training in Augusta State Office Building September 10th 2014.


Back to Basics workshop September 17th and 18th Augusta Area.

Back to Basics Brochure in pdf

Fall informational meeting October 16th Bangor.


Tri-State Sunday River May 1st



School Year Meetings/Trainings

ServSafe® Training


ServSafe 1 day class


Friday, October 24, 2014, Windham, exact location to be determined. Class begins at 8 AM with the test to be in the afternoon around 2:30. Cost is $100.00 per person. E-mail to register.


ServSafe Test Only:

Do you know you can test at DOE. We offer the test three times during the school year. Registration ahead of time is required. WE need two weeks to order the materials.


Location: Burton Cross Building, Augusta, 5th Floor room 541. Test begins at 2 PM each time. You will need to supply pencils and photo ID. The cost is $40.00.

e-mail to register

  • October 8, 2014
  • January 7, 2015
  • April 11, 2015

If you need to retest you can do so within 30 days  A second retest you must wait at least 60 days. Contact us for more information.

Child Nutrition Programs offers ServeSafe training as well as several organizations from around the State. 




Would you like to Host a ServeSafe Training?

What the host site will need to provide

  • Training room
  • testing room that allows students to have their own work area
  • a projection screen
  • microphone (helpful),
  • min 20 participants
  • max usually 35 unless other arrangements are made
  • 3 different districts represented

What DOE will do

  • provide the trainer
  • obtain the books and test
  • handle registration
  • supply the LCD and laptop for trainer

The all District Mile Award

Fall Info Meeting 10/3/2013- RSU 25 Bucksport sent three people to attend and earned the award!!!

was earned by RSU 67 located in Lincoln and surrounding towns

This award will be given to the district that travels the most miles to attend a informational meeting (spring/fall).  The award will be a traveling award.  This means that the district that wins the award will keep it until the next informational meeting.  The next meeting it will be passed on to the next winner.  Therefore the award travels around the state.  The winning district will take it back to the district, and add one small thing to the award.  This will show how the award has traveled to several districts.
The miles are determined by multiplying the number of people attending from one district times miles from the superintendent office.  A district is an entity that submits a claim form.  For example:  an RSU is a district whereas an AOS (in all but one case) is several districts.  Participants must have registered and present at the meeting.
The Award


Meeting Etiquette Tips

* Register on time when there is a registration.  Meeting planners usually have to forward speakers the number in attendance and what kind of audience they are presenting to.  When a meal is involved, meeting planner must guarantee a number of meals which they are on the hook for.

* Plan to arrive early.  This will allow time for the unexpected traffic, finding the location and parking.  It also allows time to sign in and gather materials before sitting down.

* Never attend meetings without a note pad and pen. It is practically impossible for an individual to remember each and every thing discussed at the time of meeting. A note pad helps in jotting down the important points for future reference.

*  Always keep your cell phone on the silent or vibrate mode. Cell phones ringing in the middle of meetings and seminars are considered rude and unprofessional. This might insult others sitting in the same room as well as break the pace of the meeting.

*  Do not attend phone calls during meetings unless it is an emergency. It is bad manners to do the same.

*  Chewing gum during meetings is childish and must be avoided.

*  Be a good listener. Listen to what others have to say. Wait for your turn to speak.

* Avoid side conversations while the meeting is going on. It's distracting. Please save discussions to breaks or outside the meeting.  Others may not be able to hear.

* Sit wherever you find a place. Do not run here and there.

* Fiddling with pen or note pad is one of the major distractions in meetings. One must concentrate and stay alert. Be an attentive listener. Do not yawn even if you find the meeting boring.

* The one chairing the meeting must speak loud and clear. It is essential to take care of the pitch and tone.

* Meetings ought to be interactive and allow attendees to come up with their suggestions and valuable feedback. A question answer round must be kept at the end for attendees to ask unanswered questions.

* Never attend wearing strong after shave or perfume.  Many people have strong reactions to perfumes and aftershaves in closed meeting rooms.  Be respectful to others when preparing for the meeting.