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School Meals Programs Meal Pricing and Charging

Student Pricing

Student price waiver Student maximum paid lunch prices set by Department of Education and the Superintendents Food service Committee is $3.00 for school year 2013/2014.  In order for schools to exceed the $3.00 a yearly price waiver is required.  There is no max for paid breakfast.

Paid Lunch Equity

School Year 2015 Price Equity Tool determines if the price increase from the past year will offset a price increase for the current year. (spreadsheet supplied by USDA.) Check out the Price Equity web page for more info!

No Charge for Reduced Breakfast in Public Schools

No Charge for reduced breakfast in public schools this year.  When a claim is filed, reduced breakfast will be given a .30 cent per breakfast funds. Therefore make sure you still claim reduced breakfasts under breakfast.


Adult Pricing and USDA Instructionn PDF  or DOC

Source of following citation:
Federal Regulations: 7CFR 210.6 National School Lunch Program and 220.6 School Breakfast Program.

Adults must cover the cost of purchased meals. The program purpose is to serve the students in the country's schools a good balanced meal. When adults do not cover the cost of the meal it becomes a cost to the school district. You must use the previous school year's per meal cost to set the current school year's adult meal price.

Per Meal Cost for all Districts


Adult Visitors: The charge to adult visitors, at the discretion of school officials, may be higher than the charge paid by adult school employees.

School Food Service Employees: Meals served to cafeteria employees directly involved in the operation and administration of the breakfast and lunch programs (e.g., managers, cooks, servers, etc.) may be served at no charge and considered as a fringe benefit attributable to program costs. Therefore, the cost of such meals may be paid from program funds. Charging school food service employees for meals is left to the discretion of school officials.

Other School District Employees: The benefits of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs are for children only. The reimbursement and commodities received by schools are based on the number of lunches and breakfasts served to students.

No reimbursement or commodities are provided for meals served to adults.

Pricing and Charging Resources

Maine District Charges to Students and Adults

Top student charges:

Lunches secondary 41 @ 2.50

Lunches elementary 27@2.25

Breakfast secondary 29 @1.00

Breakfast elementary 52@1.00


$2.40-2.99 1.1%

$3.00-3.99 39.4%

$4.00-4.99 42.4%

$5.00-5.99 11.4%

Greater then $6.00 5.7%

School Year 2013 Student and Adult Charging Summary. First column is the charge and the other columns are the number of school/districts charging that price.

School Year 2013 Maine School District Pricing Stucture.