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Reorganization needed information for Beginning School Year


Food Service Department

Maine Department of Education Reorganization Web Page


DHHS Food Handler new license application. 

Any schools affected by a change of ownership will be required to fill out the first page of the attached license application.  this refers to creating a RSU for example.  The change of ownership will become effective upon the schools food service licenses next renewal cycle which is typically in September for most schools.  

The fee for renewal remains one hundred dollars made out to the “Treasurer State of Maine”.

Schools that currently hold a license but need facility upgrades as found during the inspection, will be issued a license however, the inspector will continue to assist the managers towards compliance with the Maine Food Code.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the DHHS Health and engineering office at 287-5671.

The DHHS Application (doc)

Application directions

Upon completion of this form it must be mailed to:


Health Inspection Program

286 Water St

Augusta, ME 04333-0011





ALL ALL will need new IDs and Passwords to enter school year 2010 information.  DOE will also need to know some starting information as well.  the form to collect this information and request IDs is here in Word format Click here for PDF format.




VENDOR FORM (if not already submitted)


A list of some of the items to consider for reorganization

Think of this as a marriage or divorce.  Many changes will be needed. 


name change

address change

phone numbers

obtain new passwords and IDs for reporting (form below)

assets will become one unless an agreement was made prior to marriage

name change on food handler's licensees (information below)

vehicle registration

any permits

boiler certification

legal documents that will carry on

bank accounts/ CDs etc

email addresses

rejoin the list serve with the new information if needed


Need to request new IDs and passwords

Click here for word document


click here for PDF file

new business cards

letterhead and envelopes

deposit stamps with district name

Wellness Policy

Chapter 051 policy

Any Other polices such as charging etc.

Fax Machine header

electronic signatures


Questions and Answers Food Service Consolidation and reorganization

Q  Do I have to use the same menu planning system for all schools in the new RSU?

A no different schools can have different menu planning systems.  this will create more work for the director to mange


Q  Can I charge different prices to students in different schools.

Yes but why would you want to create that bookkeeping nightmare.


Q  How do I do a claim for my district and the new district in the RSU?

A.  You will do ONE claim per RSU


Q.  Will there be more training?

A.  we will provide training as needed and as resources permit.  There is a plan to  do regional food service training for SAU's.


Q.  What about electronic accountability systems.  Can I run two systems?  Can I start sharing information as the RSU is developed?  do I need to share it.

A.  yes a SAU can run two districts.  yes information can start to be shared to create next year's system.  student approval is good for first 30 calendar days or until a new application is received.


Q.  Can I offer Provision II / universal free breakfast to just the schools that were in the old district?

A.  Provision II / Universal free can be offered by school.  I guideline should be developed to determine which schools will take part in the Provision II / universal free program.

Q.  Is it true DOE is going to shut down the reporting system 6/21/09.

A.  Yes, it will be shut down 6/21 so a data backup can be created to begin the startup process for the new RSU's.  It will take days of work to create new SAU's in the system and add the information for July 1st opening.


Q. Can I still see last year information and make changes?

A.  The pre school year 2010 information will still be available with current (old) ID and password.  Changes will need DOE approval.  Keep in mind all Federal and Regulations still apply.  all corrections MUST be made within 60 days. 


Q.  Will I be getting new IDs and passwords.

A.  ALL SAU's will be required to have new IDs and Passwords.  They will be assigned per request after 6/21.  The 2 page form is above must be submitted to Nanci.

Any questions about food service reorganization or consolidation contact Walter Beesley 624-6875