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Portions of the new Child Nutrition Reimbursement System/USDA Food have been launched.  The Annual paperwork is now completed within the reimbursement system. This is the link to the new reimbursement system:

The system will also be used for placing USDA Orders and Direct certification results.

To be able to log onto the system, e-mail and request permission to access the Nutrition Module of the NEO system. They need to know your district name.  They will also need to know the level of authorization needed:  Legal Agent, Food Service District director or district preparer (this level includes school detail automatically), or school detail preparer (school Name needed) along with order USDA Food (delivery District/School/agency Name needed). They must have this formation to create an account for you.

After validating the request, you will receive an e-mail back from doe-neo-account-do-not-reply.  Open the mail and follow the directions in the mail You must respond within 36 hours or you must start the process again.


The permission levels are:

Legal Agent permission only approves cannot edit information.  This is the final step and approval is a legal signature stating true and accurate.  Position also has access to direct certification list. This person should have the legal authority to sign documents.

District preparer and Food Service Department Director  This person can prepare yearly information, school details, claims, order product.  Director position (as reported to DOE) also has access to Direct Certification list.  The preparer should not be the legal agent.

School Preparer this person can prepare the school detail for their school only.  Can read other schools in the district but cannot edit others.

USDA agency level can order USDA and schedule product for the school/agency of the district.  PAL is based on a district therefore this ID can view and edit all agencies in the district. 




  • Filing the Annual Program Application
  • Filing School Detail and the Claim by Same Person Same ID
  • Filing the School Detail Only
  • Legal Agent Steps to Approve Forms
  • Changing Password contact the MEDMS help desk
  • Steps to View Direct Certification List


Maine Department of Education's School Food Service Reimbursement (SFS) System (1999 to 2014 school year.)   

School Meals Program Reimbursement, USDA Food and Summer Food Service Program Reimbursement

File Forms Guidance (The school 1999-2014 system)

*****This is the page to bookmark for the School Food Service reimbursement page, NOT the login page*****

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