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Items on this page have a limited life.  Topics may be hot current items.  Items will come and go and at times there may be nothing listed.

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DHHS Health/Sanitation Inspections

SANITATION INSPECTIONS SCHOOL YEAR 2010  (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012)        
School Name no nslp 1 inspection 2 or more inspections no inspections
Abraham Lincoln School   1    
Academy Hill School        
Acton Elementary School        
Adams School   1    
Agnes Gray School        
Airline Community School        
Albert S Hall School        
Albion Elementary School   1    
Alexander Elementary   1    
Alfred Elementary School        
Alton Elementary School   1    
Ames Elementary School        
Andover Elementary School        
Appleton Village School        
Asa C Adams School        
Ashland District School        
Athens Elementary School   1    
Auburn Middle School   1    
Baldwin Consolidated School   1    
Bangor High School   1    
Bath Middle School Rsu1        
Bay Ridge Elem        
Beals Elementary School   1    
Beatrice Rafferty School        
Beech Hill School        
Belfast Area High School        
Belgrade Central School        
Benjamin Wentworth Intermediate   1    
Benton Elementary School   1    
Biddeford High School   1    
Biddeford Intermediate School   1    
Biddeford Middle School   1    
Biddeford Primary   1    
Bloomfield Elementary School   1    
Blue Hill Consolidated School        
Blue Point School   1    
Bonny Eagle High School        
Bonny Eagle Middle School        
Boothbay Region Elem Sch        
Boothbay Region High Sch        
Bowdoin Central School        
Bowdoinham Community School        
Bradford Elementary School        
Brewer High School        
Brewer Middle School        
Bristol Consolidated School        
Brooklin School        
Brooksville Elementary School        
Brownville Elementary School        
Brunswick High School        
Brunswick Jr High School        
Buckfield Jr-Sr High School   1    
Bucksport High School        
Bucksport Middle School        
Burchard A Dunn School        
Buxton Center Elementary        
C K Burns School   1    
Calais Elementary School        
Calais High School        
Camden Hills Regional Hs        
Camden Rockport Middle Sch / Mary E Taylor Middle        
Canaan Elementary School   1    
Cape Cod Hill Elem Sch   1    
Cape Elizabeth High School        
Cape Elizabeth Middle School        
Capri Street School        
Capt. Albert Stevens School        
Caravel Middle School   1    
Caribou High School   1    
Caribou Middle School   1    
Carl J Lamb School        
Carmel Elementary School   1    
Carrabec Community School   1    
Carrabec High School   1    
Carrie Ricker Middle School        
Cascade Brook School   1    
Casco Bay High School   1    
Cathedral Grammar School        
Cave Hill School        
Center Drive School        
Central Aroostook Jr-Sr H S   1    
Central High School        
Central Middle School        
Central School Sad 35        
Charles A Snow School   1    
Charlotte Elementary School        
Chelsea Elementary School   1    
Cherryfield Elementary        
China Middle School        
China Primary School        
Cliff Island 1      
Clinton Elementary School   1    
Coastal Ridge Elementary        
Coffin School        
Congin School        
Conners-Emerson School        
Connor Consolidated School        
Cony High School (New)   1    
Corinna Elementary School   1    
Cornish Elementary School        
Crescent Park School        
Cushing Community School        
D W Lunt School        
Daniel W Merritt School        
Dawn F Barnes Elem Sch        
Dayton Consolidated School   1    
Dedham School        
Deer Isle Stonington Elementary        
Deer Isle-Stonington Jr-Sr Hs        
Deering High School   1    
Denmark Elementary School   1    
Dexter Regional High School   1    
Dike-Newell School        
Dirigo Elemntary School   1    
Dirigo High School   1    
Dirigo Middle School        
Downeast School   1    
Dr Lewis S Libby School        
Dr. Levesque School        
Dresden Elementary School   1    
Durham Elementary School        
Dyer Elementary School        
Eagle Lake Elem/Jr High Sch        
Earl C Mcgraw School        
East Auburn School        
East Belfast School        
East End Community School   1    
East Grand School   1    
East Range Csd School        
Easton Elementary School   1    
Easton High School        
Eastport Elementary School        
Eddington School        
Edgecomb Eddy School        
Edith Lombard School        
Edmunds Consolidated   1    
Edna Drinkwater School        
Edna Libby Elementary        
Edward Little High School        
Eight Corners Elementary Sch   1    
Eliot Elementary School        
Ella Burr School        
Ella Lewis School        
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School        
Ellsworth High School        
Elm St School (East Machais)        
Elm Street School Union 029        
Emerson School        
Enfield Station Elementary Sch        
Eric Knowlton School (RSU 60)        
Erskine Academy   1    
Etna-Dixmont Elementary School        
Eva Hoyt Zippel School        
Fairfield Primary School   1    
Fairmount School   1    
Fairview School        
Falmouth Elementary School   1    
Falmouth High School   1    
Falmouth Middle School   1    
Farrington School   1    
Farwell Elementary School        
Fayette Central School        
Fisher-Mitchell School   1    
Forest Hills Consolidated Sch        
Fort Fairfield Elementary Sch        
Fort Fairfield Middle/ H S        
Fort Kent Community H S        
Fort Kent Elementary School        
Fort O'Brien   1    
Fort Street School   1    
Fourteenth Street School   1    
Foxcroft Academy        
Frank Brown Elementary         
Frank H Harrison Middle Sch        
Frankfort Elementary School        
Fred C Wescott School        
Fred Morril School        
Fred P Hall School        
Freeport High School        
Freeport Middle School        
Friendship Village School   1    
Fruit Street School   1    
Fryeburg Academy        
G Herbert Jewett School        
Gardiner Area High School        
Gardiner Regional Middle Sch   1    
Garret Schenck Elementary        
George B. Weatherbee School        
George E Jack School        
George J Mitchell School        
Georges Valley High School        
Georgetown Central School        
Gerald D Cushing School        
Gilbert Elementary School   1    
Gilford Butler School        
Gladys Weymouth Elem Sch        
Glenburn Elementary School        
Gorham High School   1    
Gorham Middle School   1    
Gov James B Longley Elem Sch   1    
Governor Baxter School for deaf        
Governor John Fairfield School        
Granite Street School   1    
Gray-New Gloucester High School        
Gray-New Gloucester Middle Sch        
Great Salt Bay Community Sch        
Greely High   1    
Greely Middle School   1    
Greene Central School        
Greenville High School        
Guy E Rowe School   1    
H B Emery Jr Memorial Sch   1    
Hall Elementary   1    
Hall-Dale Elementary School New 2006        
Hall-Dale High School        
Hall-Dale Middle School        
Hampden Academy        
Hancock Grammar School        
Harmony Elementary        
Harpswell Islands School        
Harrington Elementary School        
Harrison Elementary        
Harrison Lyseth Elem Sch        
Hartford-Sumner Elementary Sch   1    
Hartland Consolidated School        
Hebron Elementary School        
Helen S Dunn Elementary Sch        
Helen Thompson School        
Henry L. Cottrell   1    
Hermon Elementary School        
Hermon High School   1    
Hermon Middle School   1    
Hichborn Middle School        
Hilltop Elementary School        
Hodgdon High School        
Holbrook School        
Holden School        
Hollis School        
Holy Cross School S Portland        
Holy Savior Schools   1    
Hope Elementary School        
Horace Mitchell School        
Houlton Elementary School   1    
Houlton High School   1    
Houlton Junior High School   1    
Houlton Southside School   1    
Howard C Reiche Community Sch        
Hudson Elementary School        
Hussey Elementary School   1    
Indian Island School   1    
Indian Township School   1    
Islesboro Central School        
James F Doughty / Fifth Street Sch   1    
James H Bean School        
James Otis Kaler Elementary School        
Jameson Elementary Sch        
Jay Elementary School        
Jay High School        
Jay Middle School   1    
Jefferson Village School   1    
John F Kennedy Memorial Sch   1    
Jonesboro Elementary School        
Jonesport Elementary School        
Jonesport-Beals Moosabec        
Jordan Acres School   1    
Jordan-Small School   1    
Katahdin Elem        
Katahdin High / Middle School        
Kenduskeag Elementary School        
Kennebunk Elem        
Kennebunk High School   1    
Kennebunkport Consolidated Sch   1    
Kermit S Nickerson School   1    
Kids Peace-Graham Lake School   1    
King Middle School        
Kingfield Elementary School        
Kingman Elementary        
Lafayette School        
Lake Region High School        
Lake Region Middle School        
Lamoine Consolidated School   1    
Laura E Richards School   1    
Lawrence High School        
Lawrence Jr High School        
Leavitt Area High School        
Lebanon School        
Lee Academy        
Lee/Winn School   1    
Leeds Central School        
Leonard Middle School   1    
Leroy H Smith School   1    
Lewiston High School        
Lewiston Middle School        
Libby-Tozier School   1    
Lillian Parks Hussey School   1    
Limestone Community School   1    
Lincoln Academy        
Lincoln Middle School        
Lincoln School Augusta   1    
Lincolnville Central School   1    
Line Elementary   1    
Lisbon Community School        
Lisbon High School        
Livermore Elementray School        
Livermore Falls High School        
Livermore Falls Middle School   1    
Long Island Elementary Sch   1    
Longfellow School Brunswick        
Longfellow School Portland        
Loranger Middle School        
Lubec Consolidated School   1    
Lura Libby School   1    
Lyman Elementary School   1    
Lyman Moore Middle School        
Lyseth Elementary        
Mabel I Wilson School   1    
Machais Memorial High School        
Madawaska Elementary School   1    
Madawaska Middle/High School   1    
Madison Elementary School   1    
Madison High School        
Madison Junior High School        
Madison Memorial        
Mahoney Middle School        
Maine Central Institute   1    
Maine School Of Science & Mathematics        
Manchester Elementary School Union 042        
Manchester School Windam   1    
Manson Park School        
Mapleton Elementary School        
Maranacook Community School   1    
Maranacook Middle School        
Marcia Buker School        
Margaret Chase Smith School Sad 54   1    
Margaret Chase Smith School, Sanford        
Marion C Cook School        
Marshwood Great Works Prior Sy08 Middle   1    
Marshwood High School   1    
Marshwood Middle Prior Sy08 Was Jr. High   1    
Martel School        
Marti Steven Learning Center   1    
Mary Snow School        
Massabesic High School        
Massabesic Middle School        
Mast Landing School        
Mattanawcook Academy        
Mattanawcook Jr High Sch        
Medomak Middle School        
Medomak Valley High School        
Medway Middle School        
Memorial Middle School        
Memorial School        
Meroby Elementary School   1    
Messalonskee High School        
Messalonskee Middle School        
Middle School of the Kennebunk        
Milbridge Elementary School        
Mildred L Day School        
Miles Lane School        
Mill Pond Elementary School   1    
Mill Stream School   1    
Miller Grade School   1    
Millinocket Middle School        
Milo Elementary School   1    
Minot Consolidated School   1    
Mitchell School   1    
Molly Ockett Middle School   1    
Monmouth Academy   1    
Monmouth Middle School        
Monroe Elementary School        
Montello School        
Moore Middle        
Morison Memorial School        
Morse High School        
Morse Memorial School        
Morse Street School        
Moscow Elementary        
Mountain Valley High School   1    
Mountain Valley Middle School   1    
Mountain View School (RSU 24)        
Mt Abram Regional H S        
Mt Ararat High School        
Mt Ararat Middle School        
Mt Blue High School        
Mt Blue Middle School        
Mt Jefferson Jr High Sch        
Mt Merici Elementary School        
Mt Vernon Elementary School        
Mt View Elementary School        
Mt View High School        
Mt View Jr High School   1    
Mt. Desert Elementary School        
Mt. Desert Island High School   1    
Narragansett Elementary School 1      
Narraguagus High School        
New Suncook School   1    
New Sweden Consolidated School        
Newburgh Elementary School        
Newport Elementary School        
Nickerson Elementary Sch        
Noble High School        
Noble Middle School   1    
Nobleboro Central School        
Nokomis Regional High School        
North Berwick Elem Sch   1    
North Elementary School   1    
North Yarmouth Memorial Sch   1    
Notre Dame De Lourdes School   1    
Oak Hill High School        
Oak Hill Middle School   1    
Ocean Ave School   1    
Old Orchard Beach H S        
Old Town Elem        
Old Town High School        
Opal Myrick Elementary School        
Orland Consolidated School        
Orono High School        
Orono Middle School        
Otisfield Community School        
Owls Head Central School       1
Oxford Elementary School        
Oxford Hills Comprehensive Hs        
Oxford Hills Middle Sch       1
Oxford-Cumberland Canal Sch        
Palermo Consolidated School   1    
Paris Elementary School   1    
Park Ave School   1    
Patrick Therriault School   1    
Peaks Island School   1    
Pembroke Elementary School        
Pemetic Elementary School   1    
Peninsula School (RSU 24)        
Pennacook Learning Center   1    
Penobscot Elementary School        
Penobscot Valley High School        
Penquis Valley High School       1
Perry Elementary School       1
Philip W Sugg Middle Sch   1    
Phillips Elementary School        
Phippsburg School   1    
Pine Street Elementary School   1    
Piscataquis Community Elementary   1    
Piscataquis Community High Sch   1    
Pittston Consolidated School        
Pleasant Hill School   1    
Plummer-Motz School   1    
Poland Community School        
Poland Regional High School   1    
Pond Cove Elementary        
Portland High School        
Pownal Elementary School   1    
Prescott Memorial School        
Presque Isle High School        
Presque Isle Middle School Was Skyway    1    
Presumpscot School        
Prides Corner School        
Princeton Elementary School   1    
Quimby Elementary School        
Ralph M. Atwood School   1    
Rangeley Lakes Regional School   1    
Raymond Elementary School        
Raymond Geiger elemetnary School   1    
Readfield Elementary School   1    
Reeds Brook Middle School   1    
Region 9 School Of Applied Technology        
Richmond High School        
Reiche Elementary   1    
Richmond Middle School        
Ridgeview Community School        
River View Community School        
Riverton School        
Robbinston Grade School        
Robert W Traip Academy        
Rockland District High School        
Rockland District Middle School        
Rockport Elementary School        
Rose M Gaffney School   1    
Rumford Elementary School   1    
Russell School   1    
Sabattus Central School   1    
Sabattus Primary School   1    
Saccarappa School        
Saco Middle School   1    
Sacopee Valley Jr-Sr H S   1    
Sacopee Valley Middle School        
Samuel L Wagner Middle Sch        
Sanford High School   1    
Sanford Jr High School   1    
Scarborough High School        
Scarborough Middle Sch        
Schenck High School   1    
Se Do Mo Cha Elementary   1    
Se Do Mo Cha Middle School        
Sea Road School        
Searsport District H S   1    
Searsport District Middle Sch        
Searsport Elementary        
Sebago Elementary School        
Sebasticook Valley Middle School        
Sedgwick Elementary School        
Shapleigh Memorial School        
Shapleigh Middle School   1    
Shead High School   1    
Sherwood Heights Elementary Sch   1    
Skillin Elementary School        
Skowhegan Area High School        
Skowhegan Middle School        
Small Elementary School        
So Aroostook Csd School   1    
Solon Elementary School        
Somerset Valley Middle School   1    
Somerville Elementary School 1      
Songo Locks School        
South Bristol Elementary Sch   1    
South Hiram Elementary Sch        
South Portland High School   1    
South School        
Southport Central School        
St Albans Consolidated        
St Brigid        
St Dominic Academy        
St Thomas School        
St. Francis Elementary School        
St. George School        
St. James School   1    
Stearns High School        
Steep Falls Elementary School        
Stetson Elementary School        
Stevens Brook School        
Stockton Springs Elem School        
Stratton Elementary School   1    
Strong Elementary School        
Sumner Memorial High School        
Surry Elementary School        
Suzanne M. Smith Elem School        
Swans Island Elementary Sch        
Sylvio J Gilbert School        
Teague Park School        
Telstar High School        
Telstar Middle School        
Teresa C Hamlin Elem Sch   1    
Thomas J Mcmahon Elem Sch        
Thomaston Grammar School        
Tremont Consolidated School        
Trenton Elementary School        
Tripp Middle School        
Troy A. Howard Middle School        
Troy Central School        
Turner Elementary School        
Turner Primary School        
TW Kelley Middle School   1    
Union Elementary School        
Unity Elementary School        
Upper Kennebec Valley Jr-Sr Hs        
Van Buren Dist Secondary Sch        
Van Buren District Elementary School   1    
Vassalboro Community School        
Veazie Community School    1    
Vickery School   1    
Village Elementary School Gorham        
Village Elementary School York        
Vinalhaven School        
Vine Street School        
Viola Rand School        
Vivian E. Hussey Primary        
W G Mallett School        
Wales Central School        
Walker Memorial School        
Wallagrass Elementary School        
Walton School        
Warren Community School Was Frank Rowe        
Warsaw Middle School        
Washburn District Elem School        
Washburn District H S        
Washburn School        
Washington Academy        
Washington Street School        
Waterboro Elementary School        
Waterford Memorial School   1    
Waterville High School   1    
Waterville Jr H S   1    
Wayne Elementary School        
Wellington School        
Wells Elementary School        
Wells High School   1    
Wells Junior High School        
Wesley Elementary School        
West Bath School        
West Harpswell Elementary Sch   1    
Westbrook High School   1    
White Rock School        
Whitefield Elementary School        
Whiting Village School        
Willard School        
William H Rowe School        
William S. Cohen School   1    
Williams Elementary School   1    
Williams-Cone School   1    
Windham High School        
Windham Middle School   1    
Windham Primary School        
Windsor Elementary School        
Winslow Elementary School        
Winslow High School        
Winslow Jr High School        
Winthop High School (New)        
Winthrop Grade School   1    
Winthrop Middle School   1    
Wiscasset High School   1    
Wiscasset Middle School        
Wiscasset Primary School        
Wisdom Middle High School        
Woodland Consolidated Sch        
Woodland Elementary School        
Woodland Jr-Sr High School   1    
Woodside Elementary School        
Woodstock School        
Woolwich School        
Yarmouth Elementary School        
Yarmouth High School        
York High School        
York Middle School        
Young School