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Maine's USDA Foods Program

The USDA's Schools/Child Nutrition Programs support American agricultural producers by providing cash reimbursements for meals served in schools, but also by providing nutritious, USDA purchased food to the following nutrition programs:

National School Lunch Program;
Child and Adult Care Food Program; and the
Summer Food Service Program

Section 6 of the National School Lunch Act, Section 416 of the Agricultural Act of 1949, and Section 32 of Public Law 74-320 designate funds for such purchases.

A contractual agreement made with each state provides for a Distributing Agency and for the implementation of USDA rules and regulations.

USDA food may also be processed, with the approval of the state, into other products desired by schools. Such products may include bread products, pizzas and salad dressings. The products are sold and distributed just as any other commercial product except that schools receive a discount equal to the value of USDA Foods involved, known as Net Off Invoice.


USDA Annual Ordering information School Year 2015


Questions and Answers:

Does that mean I have to order an entire year's worth of food all at once?  Yes the district would order USDA products for the entire school year.  This would not include the fresh products or and specials we may be able to obtain.  But most of it will be ordered August/September. 

Is USDA planning to deliver what they choose of it per month ?  Once you have placed your yearly order you will tell us what month and how many you want product delivered.  This way menus still can be planned.  You will know in September what is coming in in January so you can better budget your PAL.  This is the first year for this process and will take some adjustment and learning for everyone

Will I  have a whole freezer load of food left over at the end of the year?  Your inventory should be no different than past years.  It is how you manage your purchasing.

Since school does no start before Septemebr 1, how can I make the September 1st deadline to place annual order?  If you do not get into your school prior to September first that is something we will need to consider with the programmers and planning.  How do you order food for the first day of school?  This could be part of that process.

How do I know what to order?  Products you order from USDA are listed by month going back several years.  This information is available to you and you may find helpful.  Steps to find and work with the information will be posted on the web.

What about training?  Training will be provided in 9 different regions at no cost.  Attend as many as you want in any location.  Dates and registration information is on our web page.

I already have a NEO Id and password, will I need to get another one? No we will just need to know to add Nutrition to your permissions.


Steps To View Past USDA Orders


I have been asked for a list of what a district purchased from USDA last year for planning purposes.  You may not be aware this is available to you already.  It is called the monthly order list on the ordering page and the monthly extras list on the extras page. You can simply view/print the page or put it in a spreadsheet to manipulate for your needs. Steps for both are below.


Some steps that may give you a little guidance

Log in to the system
Go to USDA Foods
Go to Monthly order
Then monthly order list

This will list everything the delivery site has purchased back several years as a monthly order


to put it in a spreadsheet:.
Open excel in a different window
Go back to the web system for ordering
Highlight the current school years months in the monthly order list
Select copy
Paste it into excel  (you will now be working in excel)
Remove unneeded columns such as offered (optional)
Sorted to remove 0 accepted amounts because list includes items offered but did not take (0 accepted)
Resort by item, and the end result will be items purchased from USDA for the school year

This is only monthly order list not extras. You will need to do the same thing for extras by going to the extras order page.
This is for only for one ordering site

Need to do all sites and extras.


School Year 2015 Information

School Year 2015 USDA Foods rate is .2275 per meal

USDA Foods: Tentative Food List and Values for Maine SY 2015



Distributor Charges for Storage and Delivery

PFG North-Center will be the distribution company for USDA Foods. The prices listed below are effective until June 30, 2015.


SY 2014-2015
  Delivery Storage Total
Freezer  $       2.63  $       2.50  $       5.13
Cooler  $       2.65  $       2.00  $       4.65
Dry  $       2.65  $       2.00  $       4.65


USDA Foods Information and Resources