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Maine's USDA Foods Program

The USDA's Schools/Child Nutrition Programs support American agricultural producers by providing cash reimbursements for meals served in schools, but also by providing nutritious, USDA-purchased food to the following nutrition programs:

National School Lunch Program;
Child and Adult Care Food Program; and the
Summer Food Service Program

In school year 2013, schools participating in the National School Lunch Program(NSLP) will receive USDA Foods, called "entitlement" foods, at a value of 22.75 cents for each lunch served. Schools can also get "bonus" USDA foods, as they are available through USDA’s price support and surplus removal programs. More information about USDA Foods can be found here.

Section 6 of the National School Lunch Act, Section 416 of the Agricultural Act of 1949, and Section 32 of Public Law 74-320 designate funds for such purchases.

A contractual agreement made with each state provides for a Distributing Agency and for the implementation of USDA rules and regulations.

USDA food may also be processed, with the approval of the state, into other products desired by schools. Such products may include bread products, pizzas and salad dressings. The products are sold and distributed just as any other commercial product except that schools receive a discount equal to the value of USDA Foods involved, known as Net Off Invoice.

School Year 2014 Information

School Year 2014 USDA Foods rate is .2275 per meal

Maine School Year 2014 Delivery schedule: Web page OR Spreadsheet


USDA Foods: Tentative Food List for Maine SY 2014 (Bold Items are NewThis Year)


Food Item


Requested Delivery Date to Warehouse
BEEF PATTIES, 100% , 90/10  2/15/14
STRAWBERRY FRZ CUP-96/4.5 OZ 2/15/14
STRAWBERRY FRZ CUP-96/4.5 OZ 3/31/14


Distributor Charges for Storage and Delivery

PFG North-Center will be the distribution company for USDA Foods. The prices listed below are effective until June 30, 2015.


SY 2013-2014
  Delivery Storage Total
Freezer  $       2.58  $       2.50  $       5.08
Cooler  $       2.60  $       2.00  $       4.60
Dry  $       2.60  $       2.00  $       4.60
SY 2014-2015
  Delivery Storage Total
Freezer  $       2.63  $       2.50  $       5.13
Cooler  $       2.65  $       2.00  $       4.65
Dry  $       2.65  $       2.00  $       4.65


USDA Foods Information and Resources