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School Health Manual
Table of Contents


*All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Introduction to Manual (7/08)

Abuse and Neglect (07/08)
            Abuse Checklist

Adolescent Pregnancy (3/05)

Allergies (Introduction) (1/13)
            Allergy Sample Letters – Care Plan
            Food Allergy Action Plan (08/12) 

            General Anaphylaxis Action Plan (9/12)                        
            Protocol/Contract for EpiPen  (5/05)
            Assessment Form (Student Epinephrine Auto Injector) (3/08)
            Animals in Schools (1/03)                    
                        Recommendation 1
                        Recommendation 2           

Asthma Introduction (2/07)
            Maine School Asthma Plan (06/10)
            Sample Contract for Asthma Inhaler (3/08)
            Student Skills Assessment Form (3/08)

Automated External Defibrillators (1/06) (See Emergency)

Blood Borne Pathogens
            Universal Precautions (1/04)

Chronic Diseases Introduction (7/04)
            Cancer (4/06)
            Cardio Vascular
            Cleft Lip/Oral Facial Clefts (3/03)
            Congenital Heart Disease (5/97)
            Cystic Fibrosis (3/07)
            Diabetes (5/04)
                        Guidelines for Schools for Student’s with Diabetes (8/04)
            Hemophilia  (8/99)
            Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (5/97)
            Muscular Dystrophy (8/99)
            Seizure Disorder (11/04)
            Spina Bifida (8/99)

Communicable Disease – Introduction (6/03)
            Communicable Disease Chart (2006)
            Communicable Disease Sample Policy (4/03)
            Communicable Disease Outbreak Sample Letter (6/06)
           Chickenpox/Varicella (7/04)
                        Varicella Case Report Letter
                        Varicella Report
                        Varicella FAQ (2/06)
            Conjunctivitis (1/04)
            Diphtheria (5/12)
            E Coli (5/97)
            Ehrlichiosis (7/12)
            Exclusion Policies
            Fifth Disease (1/12)
            Giardiasis (5/97)
            Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (6/06)
            Hepatitis A, B, and C (8/12)                      
            Herpes – Fever Blister/Cold Sore  (5/97)
            Impetigo (5/06)
            Influenza (01/12)
                        Sample Parent Flu Letter in DOC
            Lyme Disease (03/11)
            Meningococcal Disease
            MRSA (5/05)
            Mononucleosis (5/97)
            Pertussis (5/06)
            Pinworm Infection/Enterobiasis (5/97)
            Reye’s Syndrome (5/97)
            Salmonellosis (5/97)
            Scabies (4/03)
                        Sample Parent Letter
                        Fact Sheet (Web MD)
            STD’s (5/97)
            Streptococcal Group A Infections (1/04)               
            Tuberculosis (5/97)

Concussion (5/10)

Confidentiality (1/04)
            HIPAA Authorization Release Form (6/03)
Delegation (4/02)
            Delegation Guidelines
            Delegation Flow chart (5/10)

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (5/10) (EEEV)

Eating Disorders (1/12)
            Eating Disorders Maine EDLC Teams 3 (1/12)           
            Eating Disorders Resources (6/05)

Emergencies (6/02) in html
            Poster, Procedures for Emergency (2/06)
            Poster, Procedures for Emergency (2/06)
            Automated External Defibrillators 
            Comfort Care (03/07)

Environmental Health (3/01)
            Temperature:  Wind Chill Chart
            Browntail Rash
            Giardiasis in html
            Rabies 01/12
            Health and Safety
Health Education (3/03)

Permanent Individual Health Record Order Form (07/13) in RTF

Hearing (5/06)           
            Chapter 45 Rule in DOC
            Referral/Report of Hearing Screening in DOC
            Sample Letter to Parents Regarding High Frequency Loss (4/06) in DOC
            Hearing Statutes in PDF

Height and Weight (3/06)           
            BMI Chart for Boy/Girl
            Figure 1
            Figure 2
            Healthy Snacks in RTF
            Over Weight Letter
            Sample Referral Letter
            Work Sheet for Recording Height and Weight
Hepatitis (6/10)

HIV Policy for Schools: Pre-K-12 (Sample) (5/10)

Immunization (9/02)
            Immunization Rule DOE Chapter 126
            Immunization Sample Policy (4/03)
            Memorandum for Release of Immunization Records (10/04)
            Letter Requesting Immunization Records
            Immunization Exemption Record
            Immunization Tracking Form
            Sample Parent Release Form for Medical Information
            Sample Parent Varicella Information Letter
            Sample Parent Letter Regarding New Varicella Requirements
            Immunization Clinic Documentation Record
            Public Health Nursing Office Numbers  (11/05)
            Immpact2 School Administrative Unit Agreement
            MMDHHS Release
            Immunization Informational Letter

Individual Health Plans (10/05)
            Sample IHP in DOC
            Children with Special Care
            IHP Protocol
            Seizure Template

Medication Administration in Schools (11/05)
            DOE Chapter 40:  Rule for Medication Administration in Maine Schools
            Guidelines for Training Non-Licensed School Personnel Instructors Manual (8/05)
            Medication Administration Handbook for Non-Licensed Personnel (8/05)
            Sample Policy from MSMA
            Sample Medication Administration Log
            Sample Medication Error Form
            Sample Medication Administration Training Checklist
            Sample Policy for Medication Administration on School Field Trips (10/01)
            Field Trip Procedure
            Release Form
            Student Assessment
            Reporting Form

Mental Health (7/04)
            Did You Know Fact Sheet (6/06)
            Eating Disorder
Nutrition (5/97) in html
                        Healthy Snacks for Kids
                        Get Fit and Have Fun
                                    Get Fit K-2 in html
                                    Get Fit 3-5 in html
                                    Get Fit 6-8 in html
                                    Get Fit 9-12 in html
            Strategies to Increase Healthy Eating/Physical Activity in html
            Fast Food Guide in html
            Get your portions in proportion in html
            Food Diary in html
            Reading Food Labels
            150 Extra Calories Daily = 15 lbs a Year in html
            Five Simple
            Nutrition Handouts
Oral Health (5/10) 
            Oral Health Screening Form - Child in xls
            Sample Policy for Oral Health (6/03)
            Oral Screening Report Form in xls
            Oral Health Guidelines for Mobile Health Providers in doc

Pediculosis – Head Lice  (03/06)
            Sample Letters to Parents

Physical Examinations (4/03)
            Sports Questionnaire

Preschool Program (10/05)
            Birth-5 Immunization Chart
Reports and Records (6/03)
            Maine School Health Record Documentation Guidelines  (6/06)
            Individual Student Health Record (4/06)
            School Nurse Screening Report
Permanent Individual Health Record Order Form (07/13) in RTF

School Based Health Centers (10/04)
            List of SBHC’s in DOC

School Nurses  
           Delegation Tree
           Peer Evaluation Tool (01/04)
           Public Health Nursing Offices/List
           School Nurse Duties and Responsibilities (03/10)
           School Nurse Job Description: Role - Qualifications - Functions (5/10)
           School Nurse Substitute Qualifications (5/10)           

School Physicians (02/05)
            Sample Contract (2/05)
Spina Bifida (1/12) 

Spinal Screening-Repealed 2009

Substance Abuse (5/08)

Vision (5/06)
            Chapter 45 Rule in DOC
            Muscle Balance Guidelines in DOC
            Teacher Observation Checklist in PDF
            Sample Referral Letter in DOC
            Vision Screening Referral Form (5/04) in DOC
            Vision Screening Procedures (02/12) in PDF
            Parent Vision Referral Letter in DOC
            Vision Worksheet in DOC
            Screening Report Form (05/04) in DOC


Last Revised 7/8/13