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For Grades 9-12



Play street hockey

Wash your parent's car

Go on a bike ride

Take a walk

See how many sit-ups you can do

Play catch


Play basketball

Put on some music and dance

Join a dance class

See how many push-ups you can do

Join a martial arts class

Hop on one foot through a favorite song

Go for a walk

Join a sports team

Help your parents with yard work and housework

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Ask your parents to park at the farthest end of a parking lot and walk

Ride your bike to school

Throw a Frisbee

Use milk jugs filled with water as weights

See how many jumping jacks you can do

Go for a hike

Walk or bike to places instead of driving

Jump rope

Hula hoop

Use a pedometer to keep track of your daily steps