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Instructional Television

The Maine Department of Education has the use of two time periods on University of Maine University College ITV system. Programming is available at over eighty site across the state.

A DOE Presenters Guide ,available in MS Word format, contains useful information necessary to successfully present your program.

DOE ITV is managed by Bob McIntire, Telephone 207-624-6778 or FAX 207- 624-6651


1. Find out what times are available.  The ITV system operates during the University of Maine/Augusta academic year from the beginning of September to Mid May.  The Department has two time slots available: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30PM until 3:45PM.

2.  Complete a  Confirmation Letter (Sample) with the requested dates and times - checked for accuracy. Fax or email a copy to Bob Mcintire. Note that UMA charges a $25.00 fee if you cancel a reserved programming time less than ONE month from the broadcast date.

3. Complete a UNET/ITV Basic Information Form (MS Word format) and submitted no less than two weeks before the scheduled event.

4. Complete a DOE/UNET Presentation Agenda Form (MS Word format) and submit two weeks before the scheduled event. Identify multiple presenters, special activities, or support materials.  If you do not bring a copy of the agenda form to your scheduled ITV presentation the room will be set-up in the standard fashion.

5.  If you need to use copyrighted programming you must complete a Request for Authorization to use Audiovisual Material Form in MS Word format. This must be submitted two weeks before the scheduled event along with a  DOE ITV Video Playback Form if you will be using video cassettes.

6.  DOE/ITV Program Duplication Request Form in Adobe Acrobat format, can be used to order copies of the your program on DVD.

7.  Local Videotape Productions Authorization and Release Form in MS Word format, which must be received by Bob McIntire two weeks before the scheduled event.

8.  A listing of theHigh School ITV sites and /or Sites Potentially Available to DOE Program Viewers in MSword format, which can be used to contact sites to determine if resources are available on the requested dates.  IMPORTANT:  YOU must decide which sites you wish to broadcast to and contact these sites directly to determine if space is available on the requested dates.