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Edmentum Profile


Shane Dennison

*Please note that Edmentum was previously named PLATO.

Provide a concise statement that describes your organization:
PLATO* Learning solutions cover a broad range of teaching and learning needs—covering a broad spectrum of education program needs that include, but are not limited to, credit recovery; online courses; virtual learning; advanced placement courses; global language courses; test preparation; diagnostic assessment; remediation and response to intervention as well as workforce readiness; developmental education; adult basic education; and teacher preparation. Implementations can be delivered in a fully onsite learning environment; a blended learning environment; and/or completely virtually. PLATO Learning focuses on supporting the educational mission of successfully transitioning learners from one stage to the next with the ultimate goal of preparing learners for college and career success. PLATO Learning elementary, secondary, and post-secondary customers have come to expect that each of our solutions will be developed with our signature passion for education and the unparalleled expertise and precision achieved after our years of experience in the educational technology market. Over 10,000 learning education agencies have implemented PLATO Learning solutions in all 50 states. Currently, over 1.8 million students and educators are using the PLATO Learning environment in over 2100 schools and systems. Our programs have improved student performance in small, rural school districts as well as large, urban settings. Elementary, middle, high and post-secondary students across the country have shown improved academic performance after working with PLATO Learning solutions, whether in the classroom, computer lab, or in a virtual learning setting.

Accreditation - list any accreditation attained:
PLATO Learning Affiliations: -International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) -International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) -Computer Using Educators, Inc. (CUE) -American Association of School Administrators (AASA) -California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) -California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) Since 1999, PLATO® Learning has received more than 85 awards for its innovative products, including a number of prestigious AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards, CODiE Awards, Technology & Learning Awards of Excellence, and BESSIE and EDDIE Awards.

Describe the pre-service and in-service training in online methodology provided to your organization’s teachers:
Academy provides highly qualified teachers who are certified specifically in the subject areas in which they teach. When a district enrolls a student in a Virtual Academy course, they are assigned a teacher of record, who is responsible for all instruction for that course, helping the student understand class material and supporting them to stay on track to achieve their academic goals. The Virtual Academy provides teachers with the appropriate level of certification required by the state. All Virtual Academy teachers are carefully selected and trained in virtual instruction, and have experience teaching online.

Briefly describe the course offerings available from your organization:
We currently offer over 200 courses for Secondary learners, including courses for first-time credit, credit recovery and remediation needs. These courses cover all Core Subject areas, as well as courses for Advanced Placement, Electives, Global Languages and also High-Stakes Test preparation courses.

Provide any additional data such as teacher to student ratios, course completion rates, or course pass rates that you would like included in your organization’s profile:
PLATO Learning has been at the forefront of educational technology software for more than 50 years. PLATO was recently designated as “Best Virtual School Solution for Students” by the Software & Information Industry Association. According to SIIA, this award “…Recognizes the educational solution that best delivers courses or degree programs online. The solution can be implemented for tutoring, home-schooling, advance placement course work, credit recovery, additional instructional support, personalized learning environments, or college credit and supports both the K-12 or post-secondary learning environments.” PLATO curriculum is research-based, field-tested, and correlated to the objectives of Academic and Common Core State Standards.