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VLACS Profile


Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
(603) 778-2500

Provide a concise statement that describes your organization:

VLACS mission is to use the latest technology to provide our students with anytime, unlimited access to a rigorous, personalized education that helps students learn today, graduate tomorrow and prepare for the future. At VLACS, we pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with students, parents/guardians, and schools. Instructors are in regular contact with parents/guardians and form strong relationships which leads to academic success. Students may enroll in courses at anytime and work toward meeting course competencies at a pace that best meets their learning needs.

Accreditation - list any accreditation attained:

  • Approved New Hampshire Public School
  • Approved New Hampshire Charter School
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization
  • NCAA approved courses
  • All Advanced Placement courses are audited on an annual basis

Describe the pre-service and in-service training in online methodology provided to your organization’s teachers:

All VLACS instructors are experienced and certified classroom teachers. Each VLACS instructor participates in approximately 2-3 months of training in online instruction. Over 90% of our instructors reside in either New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont.

Briefly describe the course offerings available from your organization:

VLACS offers over 100 courses including:
-Middle school courses
-High school courses
-Advanced placement courses
-Dual credit high school and college courses

See the VLACS catalog for a complete listing of our courses.

Provide any additional data such as teacher to student ratios, course completion rates, or course pass rates that you would like included in your organization’s profile:

VLACS’s middle school and high school courses are aligned to existing Maine academic standards (NECAP). The school is currently aligning its courses to the Common Core State Standards as they become the standard of measure beginning in 2014- 15.

  • NECAP Exams - Full time VLACS students have scored at or above state averages in all applicable demographics (gender, academic category, etc.)
  • SATs - VLACS full time students have consistently averaged higher SAT scores than both the state(NH) and national averages for all categories.
  • Advanced Placement Courses and Exams - VLACS students completing our College Board audited and approved courses and taking AP course exams exceed national test score averages.