Transmission and Distribution

The Governor's Energy Office works collaboratively with transmission and distribution utilities, state agencies and other public and private entities to:

  • Utilize, develop or expand the energy transmission infrastructures in the State of Maine; and
  • Enhance the long-term security, reliability and affordability of generating, transmitting and distributing indigenous renewable energy to the consumers in the state of Maine.

The GEO is working to decrease the total cost of energy (electricity, transportation, heating) to Maine people in an enduring way that:

  • Is environmentally responsible in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations based on sound science;
  • Optimizes the economic growth in state by promoting cost-competitive indigenous energy sources, achieving direct and indirect private sector job growth and leveraging Maine's strategic advantages such as location, forest and agricultural base;
  • Increases energy efficiency by empowering people with knowledge and capability to employ proven cost-effective efficiency technology; and
  • Reduces the dependency on foreign oil sources.