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May 27, 2010 Commission Meeting

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Meeting of May 27, 2010, 9:00 a.m.
Commission Office, 45 Memorial Circle, 2nd Floor, Augusta, Maine

1.  Ratification of Minutes of the April 29, 2010 Meeting

2.  Endorsements by One Candidate of Another - Request for Advice by Rep. Thomas Saviello
Rep. Thomas Saviello of Wilton is a candidate for State Senate.  He wishes to endorse the three Republican House candidates in his area.  They may be interested in sending mailings to voters in the three House districts citing his endorsement.  His candidacy for State Senate would not be mentioned in the mailings.  He asked whether that would be permissible under Maine campaign finance law. 

3.  Request for Reconsideration by Peter Martin
At its April 29, 2010 meeting, the Ethics Commission found that Peter Martin had not registered as a lobbyist as required by law for lobbying on behalf of Black Bear Entertainment in March 2010.  Peter Martin requests that the Commission reconsider the decision on the grounds that he registered on time.

4.  Request for Waiver of Penalty by Black Bear Entertainment Political Action Committee
At the April 29, 2010 meeting, the Ethics Commission found that the January 19, 2010 campaign finance report filed by the Black Bear Entertainment political action committee (PAC) was late because it did not substantially conform to the reporting requirements.  The preliminary penalty for the late filing is $10,000.  The PAC requests a waiver of the penalty.  Staff recommendation: the staff recommends the assessment of a penalty of $500. 

5.  Finding of Violation for Unregistered Candidates
Candidates for legislative and county office are required to register with the Ethics Commission within 10 days of becoming a candidate.  The Commission staff has sent three written notices to unregistered candidates.  In spite of these notices and attempted telephone contacts, six candidates have not registered.  Staff recommendation: for any candidate who remains unregistered as of May 27, the staff recommends that the Commission finds that the candidate has violated 21-A M.R.S.A. § 1013-A.

6.  Referral of Scarborough Republican Town Committee to Attorney General
The Commission staff recommends referring a $250 penalty assessed against the Scarborough Republican Town Committee in January 2010 to the Maine Attorney General for collection.

7.  Discussion of Appointment Process for Commissioners

8.  Use of Maine Clean Election Act Funds to Discuss People’s Veto Referendum (NEW ITEM)
Attorney Daniel I. Billings seeks advice on behalf of a number of Republican candidates wishing to spend Maine Clean Election Act funds to speak about the June 8, 2010 people’s veto referendum.

9.  Request to Rebut Presumption by Diamond PAC (NEW ITEM)
The Diamond political action committee (PAC) has conducted a poll concerning candidates in a contested primary election for State Senate.  It seeks to rebut the presumption that the costs were incurred to influence the nomination or election of the candidates mentioned in the poll.

Other Business

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