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Commission Actions
Meeting of July 29, 2010, 9:00 a.m.
45 Memorial Circle, Augusta, Maine

Present: Walter F. McKee, Esq., Chair; André G. Duchette, Esq.; Margaret E. Matheson, Esq.; Hon. Edward M. Youngblood

1.  Ratification of Minutes of the June 24, 2010 Meeting

Motion:  To adopt the minutes as drafted.
Made by:  Ms. Matheson
Seconded by:  Mr. Youngblood
Vote:  4-0  (motion passed)

Request for Waiver of Late-Filing Penalty/Daniel Schweitzer
Daniel J. Schweitzer is a first-time candidate for State Senate, District 20 in Wiscasset.  He was required to file a campaign finance report by May 28, 2010.  He filed the report 36 days late.  The preliminary penalty for the late filing is $73.27.  He asks for a waiver of the penalty because he was not aware of the filing requirements and did not receive a notice of the filing deadline from the Commission.

Motion:  That the Commission deny a waiver of the penalty.
Made by:  Mr. McKee
Seconded by:  Ms. Youngblood
Vote:  4-0 (motion passed)

Request for Waiver of Late-Filing Penalty/Samme Bailey
Samme Bailey registered with the Commission as an independent candidate for Governor, but did not qualify for the ballot by the deadline in June 2010.  He was late filing campaign finance reports in April and May 2010.  The preliminary penalties for the late reports are $152.55 and $60.00 respectively.  Mr. Bailey requests a waiver of the penalties because his former treasurer accepted an offer of employment.

Motion:  That the Commission deny a waiver of the penalty.
Made by:  Mr. Youngblood
Seconded by:  Mr. Duchette
Vote:  4-0 (motion passed)

4.  Update on National Organization for Marriage Litigation

No action necessary.