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Commission Actions
Meeting of November 5, 2012, at 3:00 p.m.
Commission Office, 45 Memorial Circle, 2nd Floor, Augusta, Maine

Present: Walter F. McKee, Esq., Chair; André G. Duchette, Esq.; Margaret E. Matheson, Esq.; Michael T. Healy, Esq.; Hon. Jane A. Amero
Staff: Executive Director Jonathan Wayne; Phyllis Gardiner, Counsel


1.  Request for Investigation of Candidate Michael Nadeau and Citizens for Effective Government

The Maine Democratic Party contended that candidate Michael Nadeau of Fort Kent, who is running for the Maine House of Representatives (District 1), has accepted an illegal contribution, because his campaign treasurer cooperated in a mailing costing $1,475.16 by a group of persons calling themselves Citizens for Effective Government.

Motion: To find that there was a coordinated expenditure under Title 21-A, section 1015(5) as a result of the involvement of treasurer L. Phillip Soucy in the Mike Nadeau campaign and the Citizens for Effective Government and to find that, as a result of the coordinated expenditure, there was a campaign contribution to the Mike Nadeau campaign which is not allowed under the Maine Clean Election Act.
Made by: Mr. Duchette
Seconded by: Mr. McKee
Vote: 5-0 (motion passed)


Motion: That the staff commence an investigation regarding 1) the factual issues concerning the coordinated expenditure, 2) whether the Citizens for Effective Government should have registered as a political action committee, and 3) the issues raised by the sworn statement by L. Phillip Soucy that there was no coordination between the Mike Nadeau campaign and the Citizens for Effective Government regarding the expenditure for the communication.
Made by: Mr. McKee
Seconded by: Mr. Duchette
Vote: 5-0 (motion passed)