Taking Care of Maine's Veterans

The needs of Maine Veterans are being addressed within the Administration as well. Legislation was enacted to ensure that Veterans are given full credit for relevant military training and experience when they apply for an occupational license from the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. Steps have already been taken to implement the intent of LD 1850, "An Act To Assist Maine's Current and Former Members of the United States Armed Forces", by making sure the expertise of Maine veterans is recognized and valued when they apply for a license.

Additionally, First Lady Ann LePage is a passionate advocate for Maine's veterans and military families. She is actively involved with the Maine Military & Community Leadership Council, Maine Military & Community Network Program, Operation Tribute, and other programs that support our troops.

Governor and First Lady have dinner with three military families at the Blaine House each month. "This gives us an opportunity to meet with the families one-on-one to learn more about the challenges they face," Ann LePage said. "There is so much these families sacrifice for us. Their stories are heartwarming and, at times, heartbreaking. We are so grateful for their service."