Lowering Taxes Enabling Mainers to Keep More of their Hard-earned Money

Mainers are hardworking and it's time they keep more of their hard-earned money. Maine's tax structure is not ideal, and as a result families, small businesses, and communities struggle to put food on the table, pay their employees competitive wages, and build stronger communities. A simplified tax system will benefit all Mainers creating a more equitable structure for everyone.

The state's most expensive tax rate of 7.95% kicks in for incomes of only $20,000. Working-class families are struggling because of it and that must change. Governor LePage has the goal to eliminate Maine's income tax in the next few years, which will enable hardworking Mainers to keep more money in their pockets. Maine must reduce government spending so taxpayers can hold on to their paychecks, and we simply cannot increase taxes to pay for a government we cannot afford.

Job creators will also be rewarded; they are welcome in Maine and it is time our tax system reflects that fact. As the Governor says, "Investment capital goes where it is welcome and stays where it is appreciated." Restructuring Maine's tax system will help attract more job creators to Maine making the state more competitive and prosperous.