Landowner ~ Land User Courtesy Card

Courtesy Card PDF

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Respect Landowners: Ask First to Access Private Land

The Maine Landowner Relations Program encourages all land users to voluntarily seek permission prior to hunting, fishing, trapping, snowmobiling, ATVing, or conducting any activity on private property.

Please respect landowners and their private property.  Remember, without access to their property, where would you go to hunt, fish, trap, snowmobile, or ATV?

Private landowners are the most important part of outdoor recreation in Maine.  With approximately 94% of the land in Maine being privately owned it is very obvious where the majority of outdoor recreational activities are taking place; on private property.  Take time to ASK FIRST!  It’s the right thing to do.

The Maine Warden Service would ask all land users to consider using the courtesy cards.  By exchanging information on a courtesy card, a positive landowner-land user contact is established.  Landowners are much more likely to allow access if they have the names and vehicle descriptions of land users.

Protect Access for the Future